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Affiliate FAQs

What is an Affiliate program? The Adriagate Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn a percentage of every reservation made by guests who visited our pages via your site.The only thing you have to do is put a link to Adriagate on your web site, and the professional customer service at Adriagate takes care of the rest

Who can apply to the Adriagate affiliate program? Any legal or private entity owning a web page can join the Adriagate affiliate program. The number of visitors to your site is not a condition for application.

How can I apply to the program and connect my web page to Adriagate web site? After filling out the online application form, within two working days you will receive your username and password for your personal affiliate account, where you can generate affiliate links and monitor the statistics of forwarded guests from your site. You can choose an Adriagate banner or text that you would like to put on your web site. Then choose which part of the Adriagate page, you wish to forward your guests to, copy the link into the generator which is in your affiliate account, and place the generated link on your web site.

How can I check if any of my guests booked any services from Adriagate? In your affiliate account, you can monitor how many of your guests visited the Adriagate web site, how many inquiries and reservations were made, and what your commission is.

How much is the commission? Your commission can be from 5 to 10% of the total cost of reservations made, and depends on your annual revenues according to the following table:

Revenues in EUR (annually)
Commission (%)
Up to 5,000
More than 50,001

Please note that the commission’s upper limit is not strictly determined.

How do you charge your commission? The online affiliate user's account is needed to printout the calculation that the affiliate partner uses to issue an invoice. In cases where the percentage of commission is increased due to greater revenues, the difference in commission will be paid retroactively in the following calculation period along with the commission for the following calculation period.

What if I have more than one web site? You can apply to the program for all of your web sites at the same time. You will receive one link from us that you will be able to use for all of your sites. You can receive a greater commission since revenues from all web sites are added up

How to succeed in the affiliate program? The most important thing to do is to attract as many visitors to your web site as possible. Place an Adriagate banner in a visible spot on your web site. You can also put interesting texts about Croatia and its destinations, and sights along with your banner. Choose a banner and logos that matches the theme of your web site, and make sure the link on your site leads your guests to the corresponding Adriagate web page.

What are the application fees for the Adriagate affiliate program? Signing up for the Adriagate affiliate program is free of charge.

Can I become an Adriagate affiliate partner if I am already part of other affiliate programs? Adriagate does not require exclusivity for affiliate collaboration.

If you should have any questions or want any additional information about the Adriagate affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at affiliate@adriagate.com

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Should you have any questions or need extra information about the Adriagate affiliate program, please feel free to contact us at affiliate@adriagate.com

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