Exkurzia Jednodňový výlet na Plitvické jazerá

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After we pick you up at a pre-arranged place or in your hotel, our journey begins by driving through beautiful hinterland of Croatia to Plitvice Lakes. The uniqueness and harmony of the 16 lakes and rivers and their great natural and cultural value are known not only in Croatia but also in the world; therefore this National Park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Upon arrival to Plitvice Lakes you will have 5 hours to explore the magical nature. A magic chain of 16 lakes will take you to another world. The whole forest is connected by wooden trails, so you do not have to worry about losing yourself and you will find plenty of benches for relaxation and enjoyment in nature. In the center of the forest there are several restaurants where you can enjoy traditional dishes and satisfy not only your body but also the mind in a peace setting overlooking the lake. After 5 hours, our driver will wait for you in the place where you enter the magical world of nature and full of impressions we are returning to Tučepi.

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Miesto odchodu: Tucepi
Odjazd: streda
Čas odchodu: 07:30h      Language: HR,EN

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