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Lastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo szigetLastovo sziget

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The islands of Lastovo were proclaimed a nature park in 2006. On Lastovo everything is indicated with the number 46. It is surrounded by 46 islets, 46 churches, 46 vineyards, olive trees and 46 mountains.

The largest settlement on the island is in Ubli and Lastovo. Ubli is the main port on the island, and Lastovo is situated descending towards the bottom of the mountain facing the inland of the island. The houses are densly built with yards and attractive chimneys. The chimneys are up to 400 years old, and were once a status symbol of the families living on the island – larger, more attractive and unusual chimneys meant that the family living there was very wealthy. Out of the large number of churches on the island, the most famous are in the town of Lastovo – church of St. Kuzma and Damjan from the 15th century. Skrivena Luka (The hidden port) is one of the most beautiful coves on the island of Lastavo. It is protected from the south wind by the 104m high lighthouse Struga which was built in 1839.

The green island of Lastovo is surrounded by islets of Prijezba, Mrcara, Bratin island, Kopiste and Susac and on the east side by a group of islets Lastovnjaci.

The islet of Saplun, in the group of Lastovnjaci is known for its sand coves. Susac is the largest and most extracted of the Lastovo archipelagos. It is interesting that on the island there is no one other than the lighthouse crew and one shepherd with approximately 300 sheep and 50 goats.

Lastovo is that most ideal place for lovers of nature, sailing, fishing and traditional croatian foods (famous for Lobster and vine). It can be viewed from the sea, the shore, but the real beauty is hidden beneath the sea with cliffs and and caves.

Lastovo comes to life during the «Lastovo otok glazbe» festival, which is held every year at the beginning of august. The festival entertainment includes local and international ethnic, jazz and rock musicians.

The island is connected by ferry service from Split, Hvar and Korcula.

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