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Kopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki ritKopacki rit

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Kopacki Rit Nature Park is located not too far from the delta of the river Drava, and by the border with Serbia. The park is one of the most significant, largest, and most attractive original marshlands in Europe. It consists of numerous effluents and lakes along the river Danube. Its location in the vicinity of the city of Osijek; the beauty of the „untouched“ nature, abundance of waters, plant and wildlife, attract not only tourists and visitors, but many experts and scientists from Europe as well.

Part of the Kopački marshlands is under strict protection as a special zoological reservation. Over 260 species of birds nest in the reservation such as wild geese and duck, and woodpeckers, and it is a stopping point for birds flying south in the winter and back north in the summer. There are about 40 different species of fish in the waters (pike, tench, bream, carp, catfish, pikeperch, bass etc) and on dry land there are many species of mammals (deer, roe deer, wild boars, wild cats, golden martens (similar to minks), white martens, foxes, short-tailed weasels, and otters). Rich plant life, characteristic for marshlands is typical at the Kopački marshlands.

For visits to the park, there is organised sight seeing with tour guides in a panoramic boat, horse-drawn wagons, and walking tours. There are specially organised tours for bird watching, and taking photos of animals. A section of the nature park, which is not under such strict protection, is open to hunters and fishermen in season. Cuisine specialities include fish stew, grilled carp, game and beljska wine, and can all be tried at local restaurants such as Komoran, Zelena Žaba, and Kod Varge.

Entrance into the park is located in the town Kopačevo, on the local road Bilje-Kopaćevo-Kozjak. Visitors can get all the necessary information about visiting the park, and enjoy the rest of the facilities the park has to offer (exhibits, terraces, resting areas, lookout points, and the souvenir shop etc.). Ticket price is 10 kn.

You can find more information here www.kopacki-rit.com

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