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Mount Velebit has an array of natural sights such as, unusual rock formations, canyons, deep chasms and caves: and is the reason it was declared a nature park. The fact that there are two national parks in the area of Mount Velebit has been deemed as „several nature parks in one“ and in 1978 was included in the world network of reservation biospheres (The man and biosphere program of UNESCO).

On mount Velebit there are numerous habitats for many species of flora and fauna; some of which include Degenia velebitica (Degenija velebitica), Croatian sibiraea (Sibiraea croatica), Long-fingered bat (Myotis capaccinii) and the, Lynx (Lynx lynx). Mount velebit has a number of caves, the most popular of which are the Cerovac caves, located close to the town of Gračac, and the Paklenica caves at Starigrad.

In the past, the mountain was in habited by a larger population, of which remains of farmhouses, sacral constructions and cultural objects have been found. Today the remains testify to the past life of the inhabitants of the mysterious mountain. There are numerous hiking trails on the mountain, of which the most popular is Permužić's trail. From the top of the mountain there is a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea and islands, other activities offered on the mountain include rafting on the river Zrmanja, alpine mountain climbing, sport fishing, and hiking.

To get to Velebit from the direction of the coast (Jablanac, Karlobag, Starigrad Paklenica), or from the direction of Lika (Otočac, Gospić). There are many accommodation facilities from mountain taverns to hostels. For more information visit  


Carsko vrilo - Below Vratnik pass, in the town called Majorija, by the Vratnik-Senj road, there is a fountain with Velebit drinking water. This fountain is known as CARSKO VRILO. It was built in the Classicist style.

Pisani kamen - Located above Kosinjski Bakovac, in Begovaca forest, there lies Pisani kamen, an epigraph monument dating back to the 4th century. The Latin inscription in the bedrock serves as evidence of the right to have access to the spring water of Begovaca granted to the Iapode tribe of Ortoplina by the tribe Parentina from the hinterland region of Kosinj.

Kubus (Ura, Kocka) - On Baske Ostarije, by the road Gospic-Karlobag, there lies a stone, carved in 1846, also known as KUBUS, URA or KOCKA (cube). The size of this carved stone is 1.25m x 1.23m. It consists of four round stones. The cube was placed there during the construction of the road linking Gospic and Karlobag (1844-1850). Thirty three steps lead to the Cube.

Granični kamen - By the old Sv.Rok-Obrovac road there is a preserved boundary stone. The Latin inscription on this stone, sometimes also called Halanski kamen, serves as a reminder of the time when the road was constructed back in 1833.

Mirila - Mirila are associated with burial customs of the local people who had to carry their dead to the cemetery due to large distances between the parish church and the cemetery. The designated stones were used to set the bodies down, as they were not permitted to put them on the ground. To the inhabitants of Velebit, mirila are an important part of their cultural heritage and represented respect toward the deceased and meant more to the local people than the cemetery itself. This custom was observed until the 1950s when it completely disappeared.

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