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Reveal Croatia through its amazing gastronomy and enology.
If you would like to enjoy Croatia to the fullness we invite you to join one of ours culinary tours that will take you to a world of the most delicious Croatian gastronomical offerings. Enjoy different regional specialties produced by locals passionate about their culinary traditions. Taste meals ranging from Mediterranean delicacies of Dalmatia and Istria to those of northern Croatia that have been influenced by central European cuisine.

Croatia is a land of the most intriguing wines in Europe and numerous, centuries-old, cellars and vineyards. We organize wine tours to the most respected wineries in Croatia, ranging from rolling hills of Istria, picturesque area of Slavonia to sunny and charming Dalmatia. Treat yourself with opportunity to taste some of the most remarkable wines and learn traditional techniques of wine producing catered by our expert vintners.

Croatia is particularly proud of its olive trees that are often referred as “sacred trees”. If you are looking for an unusual and hands on holiday, join us for olive picking. Help locals with their olive harvest, have fun, enjoy the fresh air and reward your effort with homemade olive oil.

Enjoy the best of Croatian cuisine and wine by joining us on a gastronomic journey and treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation.

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