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On the south side of the Velebit Mountain range, in an area of 3617 ha along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is where you can find National Park Paklenica. The area had been declared a National Park since 1949, because of the diverse natural environmental and other variety of life in park. In this area mountain and sea fuse together, with awesome horizontal and vertical canyons and other extraordinary phenomena, capture the curiosity of all its visitors.

The two most impressive canyons in the National Park Paklenica are Velika (big) Paklenica and Mala (small) Paklenica, which have many rock and cliff formations, a number of caves, and a variety of flora and fauna. There is a monumental vertical gorge, known as Anića Kuk, is one of the most popular terrains for alpinists. The National Park Paklenica is the most significant alpine climbing centre on the Adriatic coast. Today there are about 400 different trails, giving each climber an option to choose his/her own personal trail. There is about 150km of hiking trails in the park, of which the most popular is from the Velika (big) Paklenica canyon to the mountain hut Paklenica, (about a two hour hike).

Manita cavern has a large subterranean cave (a hall 65 m long and 40 m wide and 32 m high). The estimated age of the cavern is about 80,000 years.

Paklenica also has diverse wildlife in the park. Birds make up the largest group; about 212 species have been spotted. The griffon vulture has a wingspan up to 2,60m, also habituates in this area, and mountain butterflies are an attraction to all of our guests. Large mammals in the park also include the Brown bear (Ursus arctos), wolves (Canis lupus), and the lynx (lynx lynx).

Entrance into the park is in the town of Starigrad - Paklenica towards Velika (big) Paklenica gorge from the town of Seline towards the gorge of Mala (small) Paklenica. The distance between the gorges is approx. 3km.

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