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Here you can find some interesting cruise offers aboard small ships with special discount and benefits applied. Some cruises have first minute discounts applied while others have active last minute discounts. Here you can find cruises pertaining to various categories. Some cruises that constitute our selection come with discounts and benefits related to departure harbors for certain months of the year.

Our customer service remains at your disposal for any questions you may have concerning cruise discounts.

Discover the beautiful Croatian coastline and make new friendships cruising on small cruise ships from our fantastic offer and save money by booking early.


Take advantage of our newest special discount on cruises. The discount has been applied. Click on the route you are interested in and select a ship for which the discount is valid.

For any question regarding cruises and boat charter or any information you may require please contact us by email on info@adriagate.com or by phone at +38521271870.

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Southern explorer (KL_2)  
Harbour: Split
from 700 € per person

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from 2000 € per person

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Croatian Experience (T3)  
Harbour: Trogir
from 625 € per person

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