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Most of us live in cities where you don't really have a chance to truly wind down and relax. In this day and age when safety and health are absolute priorities all of us are in need of an oasis of peace, a place where we can escape the weight of the modern world. Authentic accommodation types present themselves as an ideal solution as they are often isolated located amidst immaculate nature, either by the sea or in the countryside, equipped with everything needed for a perfect holiday and. Adriagate offers a wide selection of authentic accommodation types ranging from lighthouses, secluded stone houses, remote cottages or family houses located in small villages. Recharge your batteries, and book ideal accommodation from our awesome selection of authentic accommodation types.

Do you like the special atmosphere of an authentic accommodation?

Seafront accommodation brings you a unique opportunity to stay on the Adriatic coast, just a few steps away from the sea and beautiful beaches. Fall asleep to the sound of the waves, and the song of the crickets. Relax on a vacation in beautiful, authentic seafront accommodation.


Experience an unforgettable vacation with family and friends, enjoy special accommodation and experience the traditional lifestyle of the Mediterranean. Authentic accommodation in Dalmatia, Istria and the islands will give you the opportunity to spend your vacation with your loved ones in a beautiful environment. Choose a secluded house for your escape from city noise and stress. Relax in the embrace of beautiful nature, greenery and clear sea. Some of these houses are located in "fishing villages", these groups of houses are located closer to each other, while some are separated. Try the Robinson lifestyle in secluded homes, sip morning coffee with the sound of waves and bird tweets, enjoy the beautiful view of the idyllic nature and devote yourself to your loved ones.


Treat yourself to a romantic escape from reality and choose one of the lighthouses from our offer of authentic accommodation. Allow your vacation to be unique, explore all the secrets of the lighthouse, allow the lighthouse workers to show you enjoyment of life in these spectacular stone buildings and to tell you the legends and stories that these proud marine guards carry with them. Enjoy the romantic sunset, away from the town crowds, indulge yourself in an unforgettable holiday on the lighthouses in Croatia.


Travel to the past of the Croatian coastal area along the stone houses from our offer of authentic accommodation. Choose small romantic houses on a secluded location that have a wonderful sea view to create an idyllic atmosphere for all those in love. If you are traveling with your family or friends, you will find spacious stone houses where you will be able to socialize and entertain yourself safely.


Try farming activities such as picking grapes, figs, cherries, asparagus and alike and enjoy home-grown food. Among our offer of authentic accommodation, we bring you the offer of agritourism. Relax in a country house and try the jobs your hosts are doing every day. You can also try riding and get familiar with numerous domestic animals. The Croatian littoral, either the interior or the coastal area, offers a variety of possibilities, from active vacation to complete relaxation with local specialties. Choose your holiday type and enjoy authentic accommodation in Croatia.

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