Chorwacja - Jak przyjechać autem?

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For entering and driving in Croatia You need a green card of insurance and valid driving licence and registration card. During the summer months, the traffic on border-lines is more frequent which can cause shorter traffic jams.

During 2005. highway A1 Zagreb - Splitwas finished.This highway supplements and connects the two vital European routes: (E-59) Maribor – Zagreb – Split and (E-65) Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik.

The tool is charged on motorways, semi-motorways and bridges depending on a category of a vehicle and on a section. On tool-gates, the tool can be paid by cash, credit cards (American Express, Diners, Master Card, Maestro, Visa) and by foreign currencies (according to a list of exchange rates of PBZ - Privredna Banka Zagreb)

Gas stations are opened from 07 till 20 (during the summer time till 22 hours), but some works 24 hours a day. A lead-free gas is poured on every gas stations and it is marked out with green indication.

Traffic rules: In Croatia it is driven on right side of the road. If traffic signs don't show otherwise, the speed limits are 130 km/h on motor ways and semi-motor ways, 100 km/h on roads with two laned, 50 km/h in towns and villages, and 80 km/h out of populated settlements. The amount of penalty depends on difficulty of violation. The permited limit of alchohol in blood is 0,05‰.

You can listen regularly information about states on roads on Croatian Radio (Hrvatski Radio) in several languages.

Accidents must be reported to the police (Policija) immediately atemergency number 192

Road aid: (+385 1) 1987

Traffic conditions: 062 777 777

Croatian autoclub (HAK): +385 1 66 11 999

Rent-a-car: A driver must be older than 23 years and must own the driving licence. Most of international rent-a-car agencies have their offices in bigger Croatian towns.

A taxi service is available in all towns and bigger tourist villages. (tel: +385 1 970)

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