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Adriagate has an open office in Trogir which is available to our guests. Book accommodation in this destination and you are entitled to free gifts and extra discounts.Alle accommodatie - Trogir  

Toeristische bestemming info Trogir

Trogir is a town situated on the Kastela Bay coast between the island of Čiovo and the mainland. This is a historic town in the truest sense of the word, rich in cultural and historical monuments, authentic architecture and beautiful streets are the reason it is called "Little Venice" and added to the UNESCO list of world heritage. Trogir offers you the opportunity to explore its richly layered heritage: the northern gate, Garagnin (City Museum), the main town square (city hall, the Rector's Palace, the church of St. John the Baptist, the church of St. Sebastian), Radovan's portal, the Ćipiko place, the cathedral of St. Lawrence, a monastery and church of St. Dominic and many other cultural monuments. The old town center lies on an island situated between the island of Čiovo and the mainland: it is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge and to the island of Čiovo by a drawbridge. Trogir is surrounded by a lush green vegetation, the islands and rocky and sandy beaches of which the most famous are the Pantan beach, the Okrug beach (Okrug) & the Coffee beach (Slatina). Sports lovers can try their hand at tennis, bowling, skiing, surfing and diving school. Fishing nights, folklore performances and concerts of classical music are organized during the summer. The town has its own marina, Marina ACI Trogir, which has 200 berths and 80 boat places on land.

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  • Bovengemiddeld 4
    Gezinnen met jonge kinderen Netherlands
    Very interesting nice town. Great restaurants and nightlife
    You have to visit Trogir
  • Zeer goed 3.8
    Individuele reizigers Netherlands
    omner of Hotel Trogir was very nice and showd us ower hotel en than we had a drink together
    Trogir is a small but beautiful town more then 1000 years old
  • Bovengemiddeld 4.4
    Individuele reizigers Netherlands
    mooie omgeving
    de stad Trogir is als een groot historisch museum. Grote monumenten, maar ook pittoreske oude straatjes. Je kunt er heerlijk ronddwalen en mooie uitstapjes in de omgeving maken. Of zwemmen in de zee bij de nabije stranden. ( neem wel waterschoentjes mee) Zaterdagavond veel leven en muziek op de kades. Maar binnen tussen de muren dringt het geluid niet veel door.
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Trogir aanbevolen accommodatie

* prijzen op juni 2021 voor een minimum verblijf van 7 dagen

Appartement - Trogir Appartement SUNSET Vanaf 205 €
  • Trogir,
  • Personen: 4-6
  • Most recent reservation 9 days ago
Appartement - Trogir Appartement Sunset Vanaf 146 €
  • Trogir,
  • Personen: 5-8
  • Guests rating: 4,8
  • Trogir,
  • Personen: 1-2
  • Guests rating: 4,6
  • Most recent reservation 13 days ago
Appartement - Trogir Appartementen Vinko Vanaf 50 €
  • Trogir,
  • Personen: 2
  • Guests rating: 5,0
  • Most recent reservation 23 hours ago

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