Hajós körutazás Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria (RC)

Kikötő: Rijeka      
From 243008,89 Ft -tól személyenként
Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)Aktív & Cappuccino hajóút - Észak-Adria  (RC)

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Útvonal leírás: 

After years of success of our “Island Hopping by Bicycle” and our Hiking cruises, we have decided to combine the two tours and add a twist of culture. Thus, we created a cruise, which could be best described as “active light”. The program – always accompanied by a guide – is perfect for all those who would like to spend their cruise time not only on the sun deck and in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, but still don’t want to participate in daily bike rides of 40 or 50 km or hours of hiking. A colorful mixture of sun, swimming, leisurely bike tours (up to approx. 25 km), sightseeing tours, walks, short hikes and, as a highlight, an easy canoe safari with a picnic under the waterfalls. And of course there will be enough time to relax or to happily enjoy a cappuccino. Our “Active & Cappuccino” cruise is also ideal for families with children, because kid’s bicycles can be booked upon request. Following the motto “You can do it all – or just relax”, you can decide, which activities you wish to participate in, or if you prefer spending a day or more on board simply relaxing.

Az útvonal rövid leírása: Rijeka - Cres sziget- Losinj sziget - Molat sziget - Zadar - Zrmanja river (canoe safari) - Pag sziget - Rab sziget - Krk sziget - Rijeka
Departure day: Saturday
Napok száma: 8 nap / 7 éjszaka
Check-in: 11:30 - 13:00 h
Check-out: 09:00 h
A helyszínen kötelezően fizetendő: Tourist tax and port fees - 21 EUR per person
Idegenforgalmi adó és kikötői díj: Tourist tax and port fees - 21 EUR per person
Útvonal leírás
Day 1 (Saturday) Rijeka - Cres

From 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, boarding time in the port of Rijeka, our bicycles are awaiting you already on board. Our representatives and guides will welcome you aboard with a drink and you will get to know the crew and the other passengers. After a lunch snack “Cast off!”, heading towards the island of Cres. We drop anchor in one of the bays with crystal clear water to jump audaciously into the refreshing waters of the Adriatic Sea for the first time. Then we continue to the town of Cres. Upon arrival, you can choose to come with us on a bike ride to the Franciscan monastery (20 km around trip) or to take a walk along the coast. Dinner on board, afterwards guided city tour. Overnight stay in Cres.

Day 2 (Sunday) Lubenice bay - Mali Lošinj - Veli Lošinj - Mali Lošinj

After breakfast we head towards the island of Lošinj. We pass the south-western coast of the island of Cres and enjoy a long break for swimming in a bay near Lubenice, directly in front of the Blue Cave. We continue our journey, and after lunch we enter the port of Mali Lošinj. The island of Lošinj is covered with pine forests, and well known for its 300 cloudless or only slightly cloudy sunny days per year. With a bit of luck we may even see dolphins playing in the waves, because the waters surrounding the island of Lošinj offer home to more than 160 dolphins registered by the “Adriatic Dolphin Project”. After arrival in Mali Lošinj, we invite you for a cappuccino in a café on the promenade. Then we unload the bikes from the boat and take a ride to the fishermen’s village of Veli Lošinj, where we visit the exhibition of the “Adriatic Dolphin Project” at the Marine Education Centre (20 km). Those who prefer to move on foot can take a hike through the unique nature along the seaside on the “Dolphin Path”. You can have dinner in a restaurant in Mali Lošinj, overnight stay on board.

Day 3 (Monday) Molat - Zapuntel - Zverinac/Sestrunj/Rivanj Island - Zadar

Our first destination of the day is the island of Molat. Starting from the pier of the village Molat, we bicycle to the village of Zapuntel, and then on the same way back to our boat (approx. 21 km). Those, who do not want to take the bike tour, can participate in an easy hike across the island. During lunch on board we head to the islands Zverinac, Sestrunj or Rivanj, where we drop anchor in a bay. After a swimming break, we head towards Zadar, the former capital of Dalmatia. After docking in Zadar, our local guide will accompany you on a tour through the old town, which is surrounded by mighty walls and offers many historical monuments. The guide will show you the main attractions – such as the Roman Forum, the Round Church of Sveti Donat (St. Donatus), the Cathedral of Sveta Stošija (St. Anastasia) and the unique Sea Organs – their sounds and “melodies” are created purely by the movement of the waves. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to have dinner in one of the restaurants or konobas, and then enjoy a stroll on your own along the “Kalelarga”, the traffic-free main street of old town. Sip a drink in one of the many cafes or – with a bit of luck – listen to the songs of a “klapa”. Overnight stay in the port of Zadar.

Day 4 (Tuesday) Zrmanja river - Mandre

After breakfast, bus excursion to the Zrmanja river. Here we will take over our canoes, and after a briefing we will head down the river over rapids and waterfalls (in case of very high water levels the excursion will be carried out as rafting with large inflatable boats). At lunchtime we will have a picnic at one of the most beautiful parts of the river, where you can swim under the waterfalls in crystal clear waters. Then we continue paddling through the Zrmanja Canyon with its unique scenery and bird life. Bus transfer to Mandre on the island of Pag, where we will return to our boat. Dinner on board, overnight stay.

Day 5 (Wednesday) Mandre - Novalja - Rab

The Island of Pag stands out above all by its extremes – partly meagre like a lunar landscape, partly covered with lush green mountain fields, where numerous sheep graze, “producing” the famous Pag cheese. By the way: the cheese and the meat of the lambs bred on the island of Pag owe their special spicy flavor to the fall wind Bura that blows here especially in winter time, spraying salty sea water on the sheep pastures. By boat we continue from Mandre to Novalja, where we can decide whether to ride a bicycle (approx. 20 km) or sail by boat to Lun at the north-western tip of the island. After a swimming break and lunch on board we set about to Rab, the principle town of the homonymous island. The old town of Rab with its distinctive bell towers stretches along a narrow rocky peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides. Three streets run through the old town – the “Lower Street” (Donja Ulica) with cafés and pubs, the “Middle Street” (Srednja Ulica) with boutiques, souvenir shops and ice cream parlours, and the “Upper Street” (Gornja Ulica), which will take you to the four churches with their bell towers. Guided tour of Rab, then a hike along the seashore to the Franciscan monastery of St. Euphemia, where you’ll also find the Ethnological Museum. Possibility to have dinner in Rab, overnight stay on board.

Day 6 (Thursday) Island Krk

After breakfast, we take an easy bicycle tour through the pine-covered peninsula of Suha Punta (approx. 25 km). Those who wish to take a more challenging tour can alternatively enjoy a “mountain hike” on the Kamenjak (408 m). The mountain not only protects the city of Rab from the cold north winds; it also offers a fantastic view on the Velebit mountain range, the islands of Cres, Losinj, Silba, Olib, Krk and Pag, the town of Rab and the Natural Park of the peninsula of Kalifront. After returning on board with plenty of appetite, we will enjoy lunch and leave the port of Rab, heading to a bay in the north-western part of the island. Here we will anchor for a swimming break, before continuing to the Island of Krk, where we will spend the night and enjoy Captain's Dinner.

Day 7 (Friday) Krk - Rijeka

Today we head towards the last island on our trip – Krk, with an area of 410 km2 the largest island in the Adriatic Sea. First, we anchor in a bay for a swim, and after lunch we will continue to Krk, the capital of the island. After a guided city tour, we leave Krk and head towards Rijeka. After another swimming break, we will bid farewell to the Adriatic Sea and enter the port of Rijeka. Once we moored the boat, we take a walk to the Sanctuary of Trsat, a pilgrimage site above the town. You will not regret climbing the 485 steps because from there you will enjoy a magnificent view over the entire Kvarner Bay. Overnight stay in the port of Rijeka.

Day 8 (Saturday) Rijeka

After breakfast, disembarkation until 9 am.

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  • Kapacitás: 24   |   
  • Kabin 2 személyre: 7   |   
  • Kabinok száma: 11   |   
  • Kabin 3 fő részére: 4   |   
  • Felső fedélzet: 4 kabinok   |   
  • Fő fedélzet: 3 kabinok   |   
  • Alsó fedélzet: 4 kabinok   |   
  • Klimatizált szalon: 24 személy   |   
  • Napozó deck: 100 m2
Több infornmáció
július - Indulás
2020. 07. 18.
330608,89 Ft
Kapetan Kuka
  • Kapacitás: 34   |   
  • Kabin 2 személyre: 9   |   
  • Kabinok száma: 14   |   
  • Kabin 3 fő részére: 5   |   
  • Fő fedélzet: 4 kabinok   |   
  • Alsó fedélzet: 10 kabinok   |   
  • Napozó deck: 100 m2   |   
  • Napi takarítás ( kabin): Weekly cabin cleaning
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május - Indulás
2020. 05. 30.
275453,33 Ft
július - Indulás
2020. 07. 11.
307897,78 Ft
augusztus - Indulás
2020. 08. 22.
307897,78 Ft
szeptember - Indulás
2020. 09. 19.
275453,33 Ft
október - Indulás
2020. 10. 03.
243008,89 Ft
  • Kapacitás: 40   |   
  • Kabin 2 személyre: 14   |   
  • Kabinok száma: 18   |   
  • Kabin 3 fő részére: 4   |   
  • Felső fedélzet: 4 kabinok   |   
  • Fő fedélzet: 6 kabinok   |   
  • Alsó fedélzet: 8 kabinok   |   
  • Klimatizált szalon: 40 személy   |   
  • Napozó deck: 250 m2
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