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Pula is a modern city with rich history and a multitude of cultural monuments. The largest on the Istrian peninsula, it is a city of extraordinary beauty and culture with a long and tumultuous past. Familiarize yourself with its cultural heritage: the amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus, the Triumphal Arch, the City Hall, the Gate of Hercules, the Forum, the Castle, Twin gates and city walls, the church and monastery of St. Francis, the chapel of Maria Formosa and many other sites that have made this city famous. Its rugged coastline and crystal clear sea offer an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, the most famous being the Umbrella beach. For those who want to relax far from the crowds there are "wild" beaches sheltered by intact vegetation.
Sports fans can play basketball, tennis, golf, or enjoy hiking in the nature, diving, biking and panoramic flights. Visit the many restaurants where you can enjoy the delicacies of this area (Istrian prosciutto, goat cheese, various kinds of homemade pasta, seafood and various specialties made with the famous truffles). Take a relaxing walk through the city in the evening and make sure you visit the amphitheater, which hosts many international stars of the music scene in the summer. Pula is the perfect destination to spend a dream vacation filled with many events.

Did you know? The city was founded by the Illyrian tribe Histri, the oldest population in Istria. They founded an important colony (Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola).

The legend:

Legend has it that Pula is mentioned in the mythological story of Jazon and Medea who stole the Golden Fleece. Colchians pursued Jason all the way to the northern Adriatic. Since they were not able to catch him and get the Golden Fleece back, they were not permitted to return home, and so, on the nearby shore where the Illyrian tribe lived, they built a settlement and called it Polai, meaning the "city of fugitives."

Be sure to visit

Arena Pula: ancient monument in the center of Pula. The first amphitheater in Pula was built in the 1st century BC, taking its current shape in 1st century AD and could accommodate 20 000 people. It is the 6th largest ancient amphitheater in the world.

Legend says:

The arena was built by hundreds of fairies, stone by stone, all night long. As the dawn was nearing the fairies flew into their hiding places and the arena still remains unfinished.

Arch of the Sergii - Golden Gate: the arch was erected by members of the Sergi family, in honor of three of their members that held high clerical duties in Pula. The arch used to lean against the main city gate Porta Aurea (Golden Gate), which together with the city walls was demolished in the early 19th century due to urbanization. The Arch of the Sergii was built in the Corinthian style. Since the side facing east was not visible, it remained very simple, while the west side, visible from the city, is richly decorated.

The gates of Hercules are located between two, probably medieval towers. Built with undecorated stone blocks, the top of the arched opening, although damaged and hardly recognizable, feature a carved head of Hercules and his club. The inscription on the club, also damaged, is of historic importance because it mentions the names of two Roman officials.

Forum: the central square of the ancient and medieval Pula is situated on the west side of town along the coast. In order to construct the forum in the first century BC, the coast was artificially widened to get more space. In the northern part of the Forum, there were two side temples and one central temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The temple of Augustus is the only one preserved, while the other side of the temple’s wall was used in the construction of the City Hall in the 13th century.


You can enjoy a rich repertoire of events in Pula. You can soak the atmosphere of the squares and streets of this city in a variety of cafe-bars and attend many events. If you intend to party till the early morning hours, visit one of the numerous discotheques.

"Pula night – along the streets of our city" - The program takes place in six locations, stretching from the Forum to the Giardin.

Istrian Hand Made - Fair original Istrian souvenirs and handicrafts.

Istria gourmet - Istrian gourmet products fair.

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    • Very good 3
      Ognjen Mr. Botica
      Solo traveler Hrvatska
      Pula komentar
      Very nice town
    • Very good 3.8

      Portuary city
      Old roman vestiges, friendly locals, good food. Many nationals parks nearby. We went there because of the proximity of the dimension festival, which one i recommend by the way.
      No beaches in center of the city, all the restaurants in the center serve the same menu, so before try to find some gastronomic restorans outside the city, in example istria konoba, or villa meduin.
    • Fabulous 4.2

      Apartment location was good. Restaurants and Pizzerias were good. Fresh fruits and wegetables were available. Pekaras exested owerall. The Weather was just fine.

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    • Pula,
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    • Guests rating: 4.8

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