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Zagreb and its surroundings

Zagreb and its surroundings INFO

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a well-known European metropolis with almost one million inhabitants. Historically, it developed from two neighbouring settlements, Gradec and Kaptol, which represent the centre of present-day Zagreb, the Upper Town (Gornji grad). As a renowned world metropolis, Zagreb is full of cultural and historical monuments, museums, galleries, theatres and concert halls. The city is a very important university centre with one of the oldest universities in Europe which was founded in 1669. In previous historical periods, the cultural life of Zagreb took place in numerous city cafes. Most of them opened in Austro-Hungarian times and only the most beautiful ones have survived till today. They are the symbol of Zagreb city life and you can find them in Ban Jelačić Square. Sljeme, a well-known skiing slope is situated on Mount Medvednica and it hosts a FIS World Cup slalom race. It also provides numerous opportunities for recreational activities in all seasons. Alternatively, if you are just looking for a spot that has a spectacular view of Zagreb, then Sljeme is the place for you. Samobor, a picturesque city not far from Zagreb, attracts a great number of visitors with its preserved old city centre and popular restaurants, patisseries and excursion sites. Varazdin is an old baroque town where one can get in touch with the life as it used to be in the olden times. During the summer the town organizes numerous cultural events and old trades and crafts and traditional way of life are presented in the market of the old town centre. All towns and villages of Continental Croatia are attractive and interesting tourist destinations due to the combination of their intact nature, the influence of different cultures through history and the gastronomic offer of the local cuisine and wines.

Did you know 

that the street lamps that illuminate the Upper Town, the old part of Zagreb, are still manually lit every evening?



Number of sunny hours per year - 1889,4h

Average air temperatures 

  • - January  -   -0,3 °C 
  • - August  -  19,9 °C

Maximum air temperatures 

  • - January  -  18,5 °C 
  • - August  -  39,8 °C

Number of hot days > 25 °C 

  • - May         -    7 
  • - June          -  15 
  • - July           -  21 
  • - August      -  20 
  • - September -   9


  • - Zagreb Cathedral, Zagreb – It is one the most renowned buildings in Zagreb dedicated to the ascension of the blessed virgin Mary, with the second patron St. Steven king which developed from the old cathedral from the 12th century. It abounds with architectural wealth and special attention should be given to the cycle of wall paintings that originate from the second half of the 13th century.
  • - Gornji Grad, Zagreb – Kaptol and Gradec two neighbouring settlements separated by a brook developed into the city of Zagreb. The Croatian Parliament, the churches of St. Catherine, and St, Mark, along with numerous museums and galleries can be found in Gornji Grad (upper town).
  • - Lotršćak Tower, Zagreb's Upper Town – You can have a marvellous view of the Lower Town and every day exactly at noon the Grič Cannon fires from the Lotršćak Tower.
  • - Mount Medvednica, Zagreb – A mountain north of Zagreb, it is the ideal place for those who wish to escape the city for a little while. The highest peak is Sljeme (1033m) and you can reach it by car, cable car or on foot.
  • - Maksimir Park, Zagreb – A park with huge woodland stretches of deciduous trees with flora and fauna of the lowland forests and it is well-known for its 4 swan lakes.
  • - The botanical gardens, Zagreb – the garden is open from April 1st until November 1st and entry is free. The garden holds a collection of trees, shrubs, flowers, and marsh plants as well as Croatian autochthonous plant species, butterflies, amphibians, fish, birds and smaller mammals.
  • - Dolac, Zagreb – The central city market, situated in the very centre of the town, there is an enormous offer of food everyday, mostly consisting of domestic fruits and vegetables, furthermore meat, flowers and souvenirs. It can also be considered as a “stage” where the “play of life” shows everyday.


  • - Varaždin – This is an old baroque city with one of the most beautiful city cemeteries in Europe. The cemetery resembles a magnificent park with numerous different plant species and it is a protected park of nature.
  • - Sljeme, Mount Medvednica – Mount Medvednica stretches for 42 kilometres long the East-West direction. The mountain is heavily wooded and there are ski slopes where a FIS World Cup slalom race for women has been taking place since January 2005.
  • - Croatian Zagorje – This is the country of green lawns, local wines and authentic gastronomic offer. Get acquainted with small towns and villages of the "green" Zagorje, visit the most beautiful Croatian castle, the Trakošćan, from the 18th century and the Bežanec castle near Koprivnica that was turned into a luxury hotel.
  • - Prague, Ljubljana and Vienna – Visits to the nearby European capitals, sightseeing, visits to different historic monuments, castles, museums and meeting other cultures.


  • - Skiing, sledging, ski running and other snow sports on Sljeme, the highest peak of Mount Medvednica
  • - Hiking and recreational walking on the slopes of Mount Medvednica and the Samobor mountains (Samoborsko Gorje)
  • - Cycling, hiking and horseback riding on Mount Medvednica
  • - Rowing, jogging and biking at the Jarun lake in Zagreb


  • - Štrukle – A specialty of the Zagorje cuisine prepared from a thin rolled and roasted pastry filled with eggs, cream and cheese or plums, which is then cooked and baked. Be sure to try the best štrukle in Zagreb in the Regent Esplanade Hotel.
  • - Samobor custard slice (Samoborska kremšnita) – a famous local dessert prepared with the pastry crust and cream and sugar spread, served cut into large cubes.
  • - Zagreb steak – This is a local specialty made from the baby beef steaks stuffed with cooked ham and cheese and served with vegetable sauce with various spices
  • - Duck with gravy and mlinci – This dish is prepared with duck meat in wine sauce with a special sort of home-made Zagreb pasta.

Fun & Nightlife

Make your stay in Zagreb a memorable experience with visits to concert halls, theatres and numerous museums and galleries. If you are keen to taste the specialties of this area, visit the Okrugljak restaurant on the way to Sljeme or try štrukli with cheese and cream or plums in the Regent Esplanade. A coffee in the pleasant atmosphere of the Gradska kavana, Mala kavana and Piccolo Mondo in Ban Jelačić Square is a must if you are a social beast. If you prefer good partying till early morning hours you definitely should visit the night clubs by Zagreb's Jarun Lake. Like any other metropolis, Zagreb has a rich and an eventful night life for all generations and tastes. You can start your evening out at one of the many restaurants, pubs or bars in the centre on Tkalčićeva or Savska Street, or perhaps at a cocktail bar at šalata. For those who enjoy nights out dancing until dawn, the night clubs at Zagreb’s Jarun Lake is the place to be.

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