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Tourist destination info Slano (Dubrovnik)

Slano is a small town indented into a 2km long bay. It is only 35km away from the historic town of Dubrovnik. Slano and its surroundings have been inhabited since the prehistoric times ( to which testify the numerous castle remains (forts, walls) on the nearby hills), and ancient times (roman castrum on the Gradina hill; early Christian sarcophagus, placed in front of the Franciscan church). The population in involved in agriculture, fishing, olive growing, vine growing, fruit growing and, more recently, tourism. Slano is rich with beautiful beaches and coves; you can enjoy and relax on the pebble, sand, stone and paved beaches. This place is ideal if you would like to spend your vacation in peace and quiet. Sports and active vacation lovers can enjoy beach volleyball, tennis, football, handball, cycling, basketball, hiking, sailing, fishing and numerous water activities. If you are willing to savor the countless specialties of this region, visit the restaurants “Grgurici” and “Kolarin”, as well as the “Maestral” tavern. While you are staying at this beautiful place, do not miss to visit Dubrovnik – the biggest Croatian attraction.

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Dubrovnik It is a city of unique and world famous heritage and beauty. Take a walk through the city and enjoy its beauty: the city walls the Minčeta, St. Luke, Bokor and Revelin fortresses, count’s palace, Sponza palace, Dubrovnik cathedral, church of St. Blaze, Rupe ethnographic museum, Orlando’s pole and many others. Because of its various historical monuments, Dubrovnik has been placed on the UNESCO world heritage list as one of the most attractive and most famous cities of the Mediterranean.

Ston is famous for its salt production, as well as for its culinary offer. It is the best place on the Adriatic for seashell and seafood lovers. Restaurants in Ston and wine cellars in the hinterland will wow you with their culinary offer and way of preparation, so there is nothing you can do but relax with the tastes and smells. Of the places of interest you can visit the church of St. Michael, church of the Lady of Lužin, the Great Kaštio, offices of the Dubrovnik Republic, count’s palace, Napoleon’s road, Gudnja cave and the stone wall (the longest stone wall in Europe; 5.5 km).

Cavtat is a town with beautiful palaces, summer houses and hotels. Its promenades are 7km long and follow a dense pine tree forest. Cavtat has a rich tourist offer; everyone can find something to their liking in this astonishing town.

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    Solo traveler United Kingdom
    Ich bin schon ein Reisender, habe aber noch nie zuvor Kroatien besucht? Warum oh, warum habe ich dieses Land verpasst - meine Reise war himmlisch!
    Ich habe mich in Slano verliebt - was für eine tolle Lage und Dubrovnik ist eine tolle Stadt. Alles an der Reise war wunderschön - das Wetter, die Landschaft, das klare Wasser, die freundlichen Leute, das leckere Essen. Kroatien - ich komme zurück - so schnell wie möglich!
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Room - Slano (Dubrovnik) Apartments Ane From 67 €
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House - Slano (Dubrovnik) House Antun From 185 €
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House - Slano (Dubrovnik) House Planika From 239 €
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