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The town that once found itself on the path of the old Frankopans, emerged from their fortress called Novigrad, developed and expanded to the coast, and today is a famous tourist town and the center of the Novi Vinodolski Riviera. This historical, political and cultural center of the Vinodol principality ("Vinodol" - "Vallis vinearia"), the cradle of a constellation of writers from the Mažuranić family, proudly preserves the memory of the Vinodol law from 1288, the oldest Croatian legal monument written in cursive (italic) Glagolitic. This city and its surroundings abound in valuable cultural monuments of the ancient past. In Novi Vinodolski, visit numerous cultural and historical monuments that testify to the turbulent past of this city. Some of them are the Frankopan castle with a square tower (it is not known when it was founded, but the Vinodol law shows that in 1288 it belonged to the family of the Frankopan lords), the Roman fortress Lopsica (some claim that Lopar was an old Roman fortress, while others consider it to be a medieval Frankopan town), the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the remains of a Pauline monastery, San Marino - an islet and a small church (on a small island there is a Gothic church dedicated to St. Marin, on an inscription found on the islet from 3 and 4. century there is the name of the Roman Empress Helena), the church of St. Trinity (built at the end of the 15th century), the remains of the church of the Mother of God on Ospa, the remains of the hillfort "Ledenica", the three-nave church of Sv. Philip and James and many others. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this area from a "bird's eye view", climb one of the 6 lookouts, three of which are located in the town of Novi Vinodolski (lookout "Gradina", lookout "Sviba" and lookout "Kuk").

In addition to growing into a famous tourist center, Novi Vinodolski is also known for making wine in the famous winery "Pavlomir".

Outstanding hospitality of the local population, crystal clear sea, various beaches, town and surroundings without industrial pollutants, numerous vineyards, hunting areas, mountain air flow from the high forests of the immediate hinterland, landscaped bike and hiking trails, lookouts and promenades - all this gives the Novi Vinodolski Riviera invaluable environmental benefits, especially for the development of tourism and hospitality.

It is extremely important to mention that two modern marinas make Novi Vinodolski one of the best nautical destinations on the Adriatic.

Fans of sports and active holidays can enjoy football, basketball, handball, bowling, hiking, tennis, cycling, parachuting and various water sports such as swimming, sailing, diving, surfing, spearfishing and many others.

During the summer months in Novi Vinodolski, various festivities are organized where you can have fun until the early morning hours. One of the most famous is the Fishermen's Night - a festival where you can enjoy live music, good food and local wine. An unavoidable event is certainly the "Rose of Vinodol", which was created according to an ancient custom when the most beautiful and diligent picker was chosen after the grape harvest, which would then be crowned with vines and taken to the city with the sounds of ancient instruments. As a large number of guests visit Novi Vinodolski during the summer months, the hosts decided to conjure up the custom of masquerades in this area, and therefore every year a Summer Carnival is held in which everyone who wants to have fun can participate.

If you are a lover of gastronomy and want to taste the specialties and delicacies of this area, visit some of the many restaurants and taverns such as restaurant "Vinodol", tavern "Studec", tavern "Mate", tavern "Nautica", restaurant "Mirakul", restaurant " Admiral"...

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    • Fabulous 4.2
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      relaxing vacation
      Rocky beaches and therefore really clean sea.
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      clean and spacious beaches, clean and warm sea

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    Apartment - Novi Vinodolski (Crikvenica) Apartments Marcel From 142 €
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