Selce (Crikvenica)

Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)Selce (Crikvenica)

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Tourist destination info Selce (Crikvenica)

Selce is a small tourist resort as well as the Kvarner harbor, located in a cove slightly leaned towards the sea, 3km south-east of Crikvenica. This area was already inhabited in the prehistoric times. The oldest traces of human habitat were found on the St. Juraj hill. What was once a fisherman and mason village has transformed in the last few years in an attractive tourist destination. Clean air, clear sea and modern beaches (Rokan beach and Poli Mora beach) will provide a memorable vacation. The town is adorned with a few historical sites that testify to its past. Visit the parish church of St. Katarina (built in 1888 in the style of high historicism), St. Katarina chapel (it is assumed that it dates back to the preromantic age), St. Josip chapel (the sanctuary of the baroque aisled church of St. Katarina), St. Fabian and Sebastian chapel (located outside the town, built in a historicist, neo baroque style), St. Juraj chapel (it is assumed that its oldest part was built in the age of preromantic), “Olives mill” (the last mill built from the rocks from the nearby roman ruins) and other historical sites.  In Selce you can take a walk on the promenade along the sea or attend a variety of cultural, entertainment and sports festivities (folklore, concerts, art shows, show programs, fishermen festivities, sports fishing with guests and numerous others). Gastronomy enthusiasts can savor various delicacies and specialties of this region in numerous delicacies and taverns such as “Maslina”, “Kantunic”, “Marin” and “Ded Mate”.

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Opatija is a destination with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The city’s parks, seaside promenade, tidy swimming areas, fountains and numerous aged villas are the reason that tourists return to Opatija year after year. Visit the following cultural monuments of this city: church of St. Jacob, parish Church of the Annunciation, evangelical church, church of St. Anne, parish church of St. Mark, park Angiolina, park St. Jakob, Lungomare, villa Angiolina and numerous other monuments which stand as evidence of Opatija’s longstanding tradition of tourism.

Rijeka is a harbor town as well as the center of the Primorje Gorski kotar county. The symbol of this city is the Morcic – a type of jewelry worn by seafarers to protect them from danger at sea. Visit the many historical monuments which are evidence of the city’s turbulent past: Municipija palace, church of St. Jerome, university library, museum of modern and contemporary art, governor’s palace, maritime and historical museum of the Croatian coast, Rijeka city museum, natural museum, judiciary palace, church of St. Vitus, old gate, Komuna palace, city walls, Adam’s residence, Modello palace, Orthodox church of St. Nicholas, city tower, Jadran palace, church of Kapucin and various others.

Crikvenica is a town with a hundred-year-old long tourism tradition. The entire town is actually a Riviera with a string of urban almost connected places. Art history lovers can visit the Pauline convent (all valuable historical artifacts of Crikvenica are kept here), Tos (an old olive mill used for production and processing), Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Antun church, the Zvonko Car memorial studio and the Crikvenica town museum.

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