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Take a look at our offer, choose beachfront accommodation in Istria and discover beautiful beaches along the coast. Escape the pressures of everyday life, relax in the secluded bays and enjoy a romantic getaway.

Book beachfront accommodation in Istria, enjoy pleasant sounds of the waves, bathe in the crystal clear waters and relax on the sandy and pebble beaches. Escape from the hot sun in the shade of pine trees and enjoy the sound of crickets chirping. Discover the rocky shores of Cape Kamenjak, the ideal place for those who enjoy jumping into the sea from high cliffs.

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Find beachfront accommodation in Istria and spend the holidays with your family. Children can enjoy sandy beaches but can also have fun in Water Park, aquarium, Dino Park, observatory etc. Do not miss the opportunity to see amphitheater in Pula and Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, inscribed on the World Heritage List, and stroll along the streets of Rovinj and Novigrad. Be sure to visit Brijuni Islands National Park as well. During your stay in the beachfront accommodation in Istria, you can go trekking or practice water sports. Technology enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Istria has free internet in 90 tourist sites.


The beautiful coastline, hidden coves, rocky and sandy beaches, amazing scenery with fragrant hills, unspoiled nature, idyllic coastal medieval towns in the interior are the pride of the Blue and Green Istria, in which everyone can find something for themselves - from peaceful or active holidays in the Istrian green oases to the excellent entertainment on the world-famous festivals.

Attractive destinations worth visiting

The most famous city in Istria is Pula. Many ancient ruins in the city center and the sixth largest amphitheater in the world, Arena, will tell you the most interesting historical stories, and do not be surprised when walking the streets and running into the Roman gladiators and emperors. Search for the dose of fun on Dimensions and Outlook Festival and have fun until the early morning hours. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the most romantic city in the Mediterranean: Rovinj and enjoy the beautiful beaches; and when in Porec, be sure to visit the symbol of the city, the UNESCO-protected Euphrasian Basilica. Get to know the most successful players on the ATP Umag in Umag, and discover the secrets that the oldest lighthouse located in Savudrija hides.

Take a trip into the Istria interior and explore the magic of Green Istria. Discover Pazin, Motovun, Hum and Zminj. Find out more about the rich history, culture and tradition of the medieval towns. Spend a perfect holiday in peace and quiet of the Istrian valleys, enjoy sport activities on many trails and taste the excellent local specialties. We believe that Istria will delight you in every way.

Natural attractions

You can find numerous natural attractions in Istria. Brijuni National Park, Učka Nature Park, six forest parks, Motovun and Konti forests and special marine reserve Lim Bay are just some of the many wonders created by nature, in which all nature lovers and active vacation lovers can find their own piece of paradise.

In the vicinity of the town Pula, you can visit the only National Park Brijuni, which consists of 14 islands, from which the most famous are Veliki and Mali Brijuni. Untouched nature, clean sea and rich flora and fauna make this national park an attractive destination for many tourists. The park can be reached by boat, sailing daily from Fazana. You can go on a tourist train and explore the safari park, the Byzantine castrum and the remains of dinosaurs.

Nature Park Ucka is a unique phenomenon of natural diversity, which includes mountain range Učka and part of Cicarija. It is rich in endemic flora and fauna, caves and holes that will delight even the most adventurous ones. Enjoy the fantastic view from the highest peaks on the Istrian peninsula, Kvarner islands, Venice and the Alps. Try many specialties; chestnuts, asparagus and try different activities; biking, climbing, paragliding and horseback riding. More information about the park can be found on www. pp-ucka. hr.

Take a tour of the Lim bay, located near Rovinj. The beautiful bay is part of the Lim Valley, and extends all the way to Pazin. The bay is about 10 km long, surrounded by both sides with hills suitable for lovers of free climbing. Flora and fauna enriches this area, shellfish and fish from the fish breeding farms can be tasted in the restaurants on the coast.

Surrounding of Motovun is graced by the Motovun forest, a special reserve of botanical-forest vegetation. It is located in the valley of the Mirna River, and is known as the habitat of the white truffle, the most delicious and the most valuable underground mushrooms.

Explore the treasures of stalactite and stalagmite of Beredina cave where you can find endemic Proteus anguinus that lives only in this area. Equally attractive is Pazin Cave, which is located 100 meters below the Kastel. Visit the cave and find out why, among many visitors, Dante and the French writer Jules Verne were delighted by it.

One of the natural attractions definitely worth visiting is Festinsko Kraljevstvo cave, Mramornica cave, Cape Kamenjak and Romualdo's cave.

Beaches in Istria

Find an escape from summer heats and relax in the most attractive beaches in Istria. Visit:

  1. Beach Katoro and Sol Polynesia near Umag. The beaches are a combination of rock, gravel and sand, and due to their easy entry into the sea and pine forest in the background, ideal for families with small children. A number of facilities, sporting activities and restaurants complement the tourist offer on these beaches.
  2. Beach Lanterna near Novigrad meets the needs of all visitors. On a rocky part of the beach, the young will be allowed to jump into the sea from great heights, while the youngest can enjoy the sandy beach areas. If you like adrenaline you can try numerous water sports. Part of the beach is reserved only for dogs.
  3. After visiting the romantic town of Rovinj, refresh in the Lone Bay beach equally attractive for families and athletes. Try climbing a nearby quarry or simply enjoy the view of the old town with a cocktail in hand.
  4. Surfing enthusiasts may try to tame the big waves on the beach of Hawaii in Pula, and those who enjoy swimming all day we recommended visiting the beach Ambrela.
  5. If you spend your holidays in Rabac, find a pebble beach Girandella. Hide from the hot midday sun in the shade of nearby trees and enjoy the view on the island of Cres.

Lighthouses in Istria

Lighthouses in Istria are an ideal place to spend a unique and relaxing holiday away from the city noise. Spend your vacation in oasis of peace and tranquility, enjoy the smell of the sea and enjoy the view on the Istrian coast.

In Istria, you can spend a perfect holiday on 9 lighthouses, some of which are located in the vicinity of tourist resorts, and some are far on the open sea. These are the lighthouse: cape Zub, St. Nicholas, St. John, cape Peneda, Verudica cape, cape Porer, cape Marlera and cape Crna Punta.

The most interesting and the most attractive is Savudrija lighthouse, which is 36 meters high and built in 1818 under the auspices of the Emperor Francis I. According to the legend, the lighthouse was built by an Austrian count as a token of love for the Croatian lady.

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