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Book apartment from out offer and enjoy holidays on Kvarner Riviera proud of its long tradition in tourism. Enjoy the holidays on Kvarner Riviera, a summer resort of kings and emperors, and admire elegant villas and luxurious hotels and parks. Thanks to its favorable climate, fresh air, clean sea and aromatic plants, Kvarner Riviera has become a popular wellness destination.

We invite you to visit historic sights, palaces, churches, hotels and parks of Rijeka and Opatija. Take a walk along the 12 km long waterfront and enjoy the view of the surrounding islands. Spend pleasant evenings in many restaurants on the waterfront. Not to be missed are the picturesque towns of Lubenice, Kastav and Vinodol. Make the most of your holidays in the apartment on Kvarner Riviera and relax on one of the many beaches. We recommend you to visit the 1800 meters long pebble beach in Baska and beaches in Moscenicka Draga.

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House Mirella is located in a beautiful little village, on a hill with a sea view. The accommodation is clean and tidy, fully equipped. A great terrac...
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Modern furnished apartment is located in Selce, only 30 m from a beautiful pebble beach and can accommodate 2-4 people. It has a double bedroom with e...
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Children can have fun on the beaches with water slides and many other attractions. On the island of Rab there are numerous sandy beaches, but the most famous is the Paradise Beach in Lopar. The beginnings of naturism on the island of Rab dates back to 1936. If you are seeking an active holiday, you can enjoy various water sports, or explore the underwater world, which is rich in flora and fauna, caves and wrecks. There are over 40 dive sites. Enjoy your holidaya and visit Ucka Nature Park and Risnjak National Park, the ideal places to perform various sports such as climbing and cycling. Discover natural beauties of Kvarner islands and enjoy kilometers of bicycle paths. Make the most of your holidays in Kvarner and discover the flavors of authentic Kvarner cuisine. Do not miss the fresh fish and seafood (shrimp) specialties, meat dishes (lamb) and olive oil. Kvarner is famous for wild herbs that can be taken in the form of the essential oil. A great gift is also the famous olive oil. Do not forget to taste the famous wines from grape type "Vrbnicka Zlahtina" from Vrbnik on the island of Krk. The place is also famous for the sparkling wine Valomet that is immersed in the sea at a depth of about thirty meters.

Choose apartment on Kvarner Riviera and visit numerous cultural events. The most popular is the International Carnival of Rijeka but there are also carnivals in Opatija and Novi Vinodolski. Kvarner Riviera is famous for the traditional knights’ games. The most famous event is the Rab Fair, that relives the lifestyle and the ancient crafts of the Middle Ages. During the summer, Kvarner Riviera hosts many cultural events. We recommend visiting sports tournaments and asparagus, chocolate, cherries and prawns festivals.


Kvarner is a region that is located on the northeastern part of the Adriatic between Istria and the Croatian coast. It is one of the most diverse regions in which a small area is facing the beautiful islands, blue sea and green mountains. Kvarner is an ideal destination in all seasons. In the areas of Gorski Kotar enjoy winter, skiing and fresh mountain air, and only a few kilometers away you can enjoy the smell of salt and the sounds of the waves on the cliffs that disappear among the biggest Adriatic islands. Thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage, unspoiled nature and excellent dishes, Kvarner has become an ideal tourist destination, both for quiet and active vacation.

Sea, land, air - Kvarner is easy to reach!

Only a few hours drive separates European cities such as Vienna, Munich, Budapest and Venice from Kvarner. Each destination in Kvarner region, whether it is located on the islands, the coast or in the mountains, is easily accessible and it is easy to reach it by car, plane, boat or train.

The easiest way to reach Kvarner is by regular airlines, low cost lines or charters since in the center of the region, on the island Krk, you can find airport Rijeka. Information about timetables, prices and other services can be found on the website of the airport. If you are travelling to Kvarner by car the easiest way is via highway Zagreb-Split from the east and from the west via the Istrian Y where you will get to Rijeka. It is useful to know that the toll is paid for highways, Krk bridge, tunnel Ucka; and more information can be found on Numerous ferry and catamaran lines connect the coast and Kvarner islands so you on daily basis so your destination can be easily reached. More information about this method of travel can be found on the Jadrolinija website, Rab navigation and LNP.

The most attractive destinations in Kvarner region

If you want to enjoy the numerous beaches, explore the life of coastal villages and islands, or simply enjoy the beauty of mountains, then Kvarner is an ideal tourist destination for you which leaves no one indifferent.

One of the most attractive destinations is Opatija, the queen of Croatian tourism, located on the east coast of the Istrian peninsula. Relax in the city center in the park St. James and visit the homonymous church, which is the oldest building in Opatija. Walk the promenade Lungo Mare and take a photograph next to the sculpture Girl with a seagull, which is one of the most recognizable symbols of Opatija.

Not far from Opatija, you can visit Rijeka, the largest port in Croatia. Numerous cultural and historical monuments, museums, beaches and entertainment facilities enrich the tourist offer of Rijeka, and except being a port and trading center, it is becoming increasingly popular vacation destination.

Do not miss visiting Crikvenica, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northern Adriatic, with 120 years long tourist tradition. In addition to its cultural heritage, numerous hotels of which the oldest was built back in 1895 years, and beautiful beaches, Crikvenica is famous for the production of coffee as well.

Novi Vinodolski attracts visitors by beautiful nature, clear blue sea and preserved cultural and historical heritage. The town developed from the Frankopan fortress Novigrad, and is famous for the oldest Croatian legal document Vinodol Codex. The bell tower St. Philip and James church, folk dance and carnival Mesopust are the most famous symbols of this city.

Kvarner islands - Pearls of the North Adriatic

Cres, Losinj, Rab and Krk are the largest islands of Kvarner archipelago, and because of its location, the nature influence and numerous cultural and historical events have become an attractive tourist destination. Hard ground influenced by strong winds and salt hides a rich fauna and do not be surprised if during the holiday you meet the Mediterranean monk seal, dolphins or almost extinct griffon vultures.

The island of Krk is the largest Croatian island, and it is connected by Krk bridge with the mainland. It is characterized by number seven: Croatians settled it in the 7th century, seven times defend against pirates, the seventh Frankopan was prince of Krk, and the island has seven major centers of which are the best known Malinska, Omisalj, Krk and Baska. The symbol of the island Krk is Bacanska ploca, the most important Glagolitic monument. Adventurers can enjoy exploring the Biserujka cave near Malinska and those who like food can enjoy in superb delicacies.

Natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, rich wildlife and beautiful beaches are a symbol of the island Cres. During the trip around the island you can visit small idyllic places and natural phenomena Vrana lake and experience the diversity of the northern and southern part of the island.

The island of Cres is connected by the drawbridge with the island of Losinj, known as an oasis of pure nature and aromatic plants. The rich natural and cultural heritage, ancient ruins, clean beaches, numerous events and the museum on the open in small town Osor enrich the tourist offer of the island and are extremely attractive for visitors from all around the world. Sailing through Losinj waters you will most likely meet bottlenose dolphins.

The island of Rab is one of the most forested Adriatic islands famous for its Romanesque bell towers, beautiful beaches, cultural and historical heritage and festivals. Do not miss a swim on Paradise Beach, and during the hot summer nights enjoy the famous Rapska Fjera.

Gorski Kotar - Green oasis of Kvarner

Gorski Kotar is the lungs of Kvarner, an ideal destination for those who like to spend holidays in peace and quiet. Ideal in all seasons, on the slopes of Gorski Kotar it is possible to enjoy the snow and the pure mountain air, cool summer nights and the unspoiled nature.

Gorski Kotar is a paradise for people who enjoy spending time in magical nature, exploring it or going on an active holiday. The rich cultural heritage and interesting events are just an addition to already rich offer of this region.

Visit Delnice, Mrkopalj, Fuzine, Skrad, Vrbosko and numerous other destinations of Gorski Kotar. Taste traditional cuisine and find you peace in idyllic nature. Gorski Kotar will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Active holiday in Kvarner

If you are a fan of many activities and the adrenaline is what keeps you going, active holiday in Kvarner will surely satisfy your sports appetite. Thanks to the natural diversity and geographical location, on the Kvarner region you can try mountaineering, walking, flying, diving and other activities.

Hikers can enjoy hiking activities in 4 directions which connect destinations on the islands, the coast and in the interior. With more than 50 demanding and lighter, hiking and excursion trails such as the famous Rijeka mountain road, YKapelski hiking trail or Gorski mountain path, it is possible to explore all the beauty of the Kvarner region and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Cycling is very developed sports activity in the Kvarner region and today there are about 20 biking trails of varying difficulty. In one day it is possible to explore the beauty of the mountains, coast and islands. On the path Old Cities of Liburnia it is possible to meet all the towns of the Opatija Riviera; whereas on the trail Dolina and on the valleys of the island of Krk you experience the beauty of the biggest Croatian island.

Enjoy the view of Kvarner from heights and try parachuting at the airport Grobnik or paragliding at various locations on the island of Krk, Cres and Rab.

Dive into the blue of Kvarner and explore underwater caves, shipwrecks and rich flora and fauna. In the area of the Kvarner archipelago there are many attractive locations for diving and for assistance and further instructions we recommend that you contact authorized diving centers.

In the interior of Kvarner you can enjoy the winter sports: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and sledging. Show your ski skills on numerous paths: Platak, Čelimbaša and Petehovac.

The most famous beaches in the Kvarner region

  1. Vela beach - sandy and completely natural beach, awarded by the Blue Flag and located in Baska on the island Krk. The beach is 1800 meters long, known for its turquoise blue sea and fine sand, ideal for playing in the shoal. Thanks to the many facilities and an attractive slide, the beach is attractive for many guests
  2. Rajska Beach - located in Lopar on the island of Rab. 2 km long sandy beach, warm blue sea, thick pine forests and rich gastronomic offer make this beach ideal for families with children and those who want to enjoy the clear sea.
  3. Crni Molo - one of the most attractive sandy beaches in Crikvenica. It is ideal for families because, in addition to the clear blue sea, you can enjoy in many activities - water slides, sandboxes, playgrounds.

Did you know?

  1. Rijeka Carnival is the largest carnival in Croatia and one of the most attractive in Europe. Sunday Times declared it as one of the most exotic events in the world and it is listed in the 500 most important events in Europe.
  2. The first torpedo called "Savior of the Coastline" was made in Rijeka in 1860. It was designed by the sea captain John Luppis and English engineer Robert Whitehead.
  3. The largest colony of griffon vultures is living on the island of Cres, and in the depths of the sea around the island of Losinj 120 dolphins live.
  4. The island of Rab is the founder of nudism. The start of nudism is tied to the British King Edward VIII which, with his American Wallis Simpson, made the first bath without clothes.
  5. Island Susak is geologically different from other Croatian islands. It is formed of sand resting on a rock, and it was recorder in the nautical cartography in the 13th century.
  6. The only national costume in Europe above the knee is the traditional clothing of the island Susak.
  7. The first tourist who came to Mali Losinj was Dr. Conrad Clar who brought his sick son. In Mali Losinj his son was healed, and the island's reputation as a health resort has increased.
  8. Franz Joseph I, Belgian princess Stephanie, Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III and the German Emperor Wilhelm II are one of the most famous guests of the Kvarner Region.
  9. The Town of Senj is also the windiest and sunniest town in Croatia, situated on the 45th parallel.
  10. Traditional Rab cake from the island of Rab was first served to Pope Alexander III way back in 1177.

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