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Ravna Gora is located in the heart of Gorski kotar, only 45km from the sea, halfway from Rijeka to Karlovac with the Rijeka - Zagrebmotorway junction. It is located in the northeastern part of Gorski Kotar'scentral altitude range between 690 m in the northeast (Jarak) and 1366 m (VrhVrsnjica). Ravna Gora was named after the plateau on which it was located. Theentire ravine field was once a dense forest, surrounded by breezes - on the onehand Bjelolasica, Visnjevica and Suhim Vrh, on the other hand Javorov Kos andKosica. Javorova Kosa (1016 m) is an inexhaustible reservoir for Ravna Goricaand other surrounding villages, as there are six fountains on the riverbank andpart of the Dobra River far from its base. The destination is designed foractive vacationers, where you can visit many local promenades and bike paths.If you are a winter type, you can use the cross-country or toboggan run and thetubing routes. Only 20 kilometers from Ravna Gora lies the beautiful gorge ofKamačnik. One of the undiscovered jewels of Gorski Kotar. A protected landscapethat secured its place as one of the most beautiful landscapes of Croatia.Throughout the Canyon numerous bridges and paths are ideal for longer walks. Itis an ideal place to relax and unwind, and in the end it is essential to tryhomemade specialties such as blueberry strudel and trout as a fish specialty.
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