Croatia - Post and telecommunications

Post and telecommunications

Post offices in Croatia are easily spotted as they are marked with a yellow sign with the lettering HP (standing for Hrvatske Pošte).

Their services include pay phones, telegram and fax service and money exchange.

Post offices working hours are from 7 am until 7 pm and in smaller towns from 7 am until 2 pm, sometimes reopening after a long lunch break at around 4 pm. During the summer season post offices in bigger cities and tourist areas are open even on Saturday and Sunday, and as late as until 10 pm.

Postage stamps are sold in post offices and at newsstands.

Post boxes are yellow with HP sign and they can always be found in front of post offices and elsewhere around the cities and tourist areas.

Public telephones can be used only with phone cards that can be purchased in post offices and at newsstands. You can dial directly abroad from any public pay phone.

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