Lokva Rogoznica

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Tourist destination info Lokva Rogoznica

Lokva Rogoznica is a small village located 10-kilometers from the town of Omiš following the main road to Makarska. The local population engages in cattle breeding, fishery, agriculture and vinegrowing. Lokva Rogoznica is situated at the foot of the mountain and provides the perfect environment for rest and relaxation. Above the main road is an old village made up of antique stone houses which has become a favorite picnic destination. Along the coast there are beautiful sand and pebble beaches with a clear sea and partly protected with pine trees under which you can enjoy the shade. Visit Lokva Rogoznica in August during the "Fisherman's night", one of the most famous events of the summer featuring various types of entertainment. If you are interested in the gastronomy of this region, we recommend visiting the restaurant "Summer Dream" where you will enjoy our Dalmatian delicacies. Visit the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the church of St. Kuzma and Damian and the church of St. Vid and get acquainted with at least a small part of the history of this town. Sports and recreation fans can enjoy surfing, sailing, water skiing, rafting on the Cetina river, speed boating, or you can rent a scooter, kayak, boat, pedal boat or a jet ski. The city provides an atmosphere for a family vacation, while the younger generations can find more activities in the surrounding cities. While in this beautiful town, do not miss the opportunity to visit Omiš, Split and Makarska.

Must see places:

Omiš is a small Mediterranean town located at the mouth of the river Cetina. Take some time to see the historical monuments of a city that used to be known as the city of pirates. Of its historical characteristics, we emphasize the following: the fortresses Mirabela and Fortica, pariš church of St. Michael, Franciscan monastery, churches of St. Peter, Holy Spirit, the Ilirian seminary, old cemetery, medieval town center, pole of shame and the old town lodge. Sports fans can take part in river rafting on the Cetina, free climbing, wind surfing, swimming marathon, beach volleyball and other activities.

Split is one of the best known and most visited tourist destinations in Croatia and the second largest city in the country. It is an eternally young city which lives with a slow pace that is very easy to get accustomed to. Emperor Diocletian’s city is rich with historical monuments of which we recommend the following: Diocletian’s palace (the heart of the city), the Iron Gate, the statue of bishop Gregory of Nin, the cathedral of St. Duje, church of St. Francis, cathedral of St. Peter, the main court, city basement, St. Anne’s monastery.

Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast. The city is full of tourist activities and everyone is sure to find something to their liking. Makarska has several historical monuments such as the Franciscan monestary (which includes a Pinacothec, a library, a Malacological museum, and the “Planina i More” institute) the church of St. Mark, church of St. Peter, city museum and the church of St. Philip. Those who prefer sports and recreation can take part in biking, sailing, jet-ski riding, basketball, hunting, soccer, volleyball, paragliding, hiking, rafting, fishing and scuba diving.

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  • Lokva Rogoznica
  • Lokva Rogoznica központjánál lefelé a lépcsőről ezt látni
  • Hát ezt kapod Lokva Rogoznica-tól! :)
  • Ilyen a víz Lokva Rogoznicán és környékén! Sok helyen jártam már Horvátországban és máshol, de ilyen gyönyörű, tiszta és kék vizet még soha sehol nem láttam!
  • Lokva Rogoznicától kb. 3 km-re Makarska irányába parkolós, báros, tiszta, WC-s strand. Nincs egy db lépcső sem! :P Parkolótól kb. 10 m-re a víz :)
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Apartment - Omis
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