Lighthouses on the Islands

Palagruža lighthouseApart from the already mentioned secluded accommodation types in various locations in Croatia, the text about authentic accommodation would simply be incomplete if we did not mention the lighthouses. We associate the very word lighthouse with solitude.  Precisely because of this and due to the fact that they are often located in unique locations, they are the perfect choice for a quality vacation.

Paradise on a Rock of Salt

Lighthouses are our pillars in the darkness, far from the eyes of the world and the laws and rules of man. There are only sea and rocks around you and the same light that will never leave you. The suggestiveness of lighthouses is irresistible, they represent the perfect balance between our need for solitude and the need to connect with something or someone we care about.

Regain a lost connection with nature or simply enjoy complete solitude with your significant other. Swim on a private beach, grill surrounded by the sea while seagulls enviously watch you.

Best Lighthouses on Spectacular Locations

Plocica Lighthouse

Pločica Lighthouse  is located on the island with an interesting shape. Low and flat, from a distance it resembles a tile that emerged from the sea, and up close it is one of the most beautiful examples of the peculiarities of the Adriatic Sea.

Pločica, along with Struga, is a lighthouse with the largest capacity (max. 14 people) ideal for the Robinson type tourism. There is no lighthouse keeper on it, and the seabed around the island is a real treat for divers. If you have the option of choosing a room in the lighthouse, choose the one in the northeast corner on the first floor of the building. When night falls, look for a reflection from the Sućuraj lighthouse on Hvar, and the Lovišće lighthouse on Pelješac, and experience Pločica united in magical beams of light.

Porer lighthouse

Porer Lighthouse is located on the island of the same name. In the middle of the lighthouse there is a 35m high tower. The legends of Porer are hidden in the sand deposits hiding many ancient remains. The surrounding shoals of Kršin, Fenoliga and Veliki Balkun are the cemeteries of many ships that were victims of the storm around Porer. The mentioned island of Fenoliga stands out for something really special – dinosaur footprints that are definitely worth seeing

Tajer Lighthouse built in 1876, it consists of a large stone building connected by a closed bridge to a monumental iron tower. The lighthouse is located in a century-old pine forest, and is surrounded by a large yard with a surface of 400m2. Furthermore, the lighthouse tower was purchased in France. In continuation to the above stated it is the only iron tower on the Adriatic, and from the bedroom it can be seen in full. All windows overlook the sea and the countless Kornati islands and islets.

The Mystical Magic of Some Bygone Times

All lighthouses exude a certain charm seducing us with their roughness but even among them there are those who are simply special. These are lighthouses for which words mean little. In just a few words we presented some of these irresistible charmers of the Adriatic. We could write about each of these rocky sea giants to infinity, but it all pales in comparison to the actual experience when you find yourself in front of one of these majestic towers that have meant life for centuries.

Feel the stress of modern life disappear as you enjoy the benefits of nature in complete solitude in traditionally decorated accommodation. See for yourself that heaven on earth exists, you just need to find it. Fortunately, Adriagate has found it for you, it’s up to you to make the final step.


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