If you haven’t visited Croatia so far, you have probably come across one of the most common questions: What is the best time to visit Croatia?

Photo credit: Nino Šerić/Adriagate

Let us tell you that Croatia is always a good idea, and we are about to share with you useful information you might not find elsewhere, give you a hint what to expect, insight into some advantages of visiting Croatia in autumn and why precisely autumn is our favorite choice. So let’s begin.

There are plenty of advantages to traveling in a beautiful part of the world during the time of year when most tourists aren’t there. You get a completely different experience and perspective than you would if you visited during the peak season. Depending on your travel style– you might have an even better time 🙂

1. It’s Much Less Crowded

Photo credit: Nino Šerić/Adriagate

We can start with the basic example here, the majority of visitors to Croatia simply can’t resist visiting Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes, two well-known National Parks Croatia boasts with. Even though both Parks are truly stunning, and we strongly recommend paying a visit to both, planning your visit during the peak season might not be the best idea ever.
During the peak tourist months of July and August, the wooden walkways around the scenic Plitvice Lakes get so crowded that might cause sightseeing stressful. If you are one of those travelers that find dealing with large crowds tiring at the end of the day, then visiting Plitvice during the peak summer months might not be your thing.

2. The weather is still pretty nice

Photo credit: Igor Zirojević/Istria Tourist Board

It is important to note here that if your main travel motif is swimming and sunbathing, then you should definitely want to go with June, July or August since it is much warmer.
During the day, the weather gets around 18-25 degrees Celsius, and during the evening the temperature can dip down to 13-15 degrees. (So you’ll want to bring a jacket). In the early autumn it might still be warm enough to swim, but later in October the days get shorter and the sunlight gets weaker, so you might find it too chilly to hit the beach.
However, the good news is that there are so many fun things to do in Croatia besides swimming and sunbathing. The weather is ideal for hiking, bike riding, exploring ancient monuments, sightseeing, enjoying the local food, boat rides and many other activities too chose from.

3. Attractions & Accommodation Are Cheaper

Since we already started with the most famous two attractions, let’s see how much you can save on entrance tickets. Krka national park tickets vary depending on the time of year. For example, from October the entrance fee is 105 kuna for adults, compared to 205 kuna in July, August and September.
On the other hand, you can also make substantial savings on Plitvice lakes tickets if you decide to visit the park in October. Entrance fee for adults is 100 kuna, compared to June, July, August and September when the same fee will cost you 250 kuna.

Photo credit: Nino Šerić/Adriagate

On the other hand, if you decide to visit Croatia during the peak summer months, you can be sure that in most cases the prices will be at least twice (maybe even three times) that price. The rates vary depending on the dates and the region popularity and you can check this price range on the following link: Accommodation Croatia.
Let’s put it this way, if you decide to visit Croatia in October, September or later on, you have the following possibilities on offer: to save half of your accommodation budget, to stay as twice as long or to enjoy the perks of the more luxurious accommodation within the same budget. The choice is all yours 🙂

4. Travel at your own pace

Photo credit: Igor Zirojević/Istria Tourist Board

All of us prefer to be flexible during our vacation. Even though we usually plan everything out in advance because we want our vacation to be just perfect, and this is precisely why we often get tempted to extend our stay to one night or two in a city we fell in love with. Big majority of us has experienced at least once on their travel that everything would be just perfect if we had one more day, right? – Well, even though it sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, in reality, might get a bit of a problem. If you decide to hit to Split in July and decide to extend your stay for one night – in most cases, that will be a problem, unless you have destination travel expert who will do it for you (Adriagate 😊). But, If you want to be more flexible, a bit more of “go with the flow” than you might want to visit Croatia in autumn.

5. Wide range of things to do in Croatia

Photo credit: Igor Zirojević/Istria Tourist Board

For most visitors to Croatia, the vacation is all about sun, sea, sand and crazy summer parties, but Croatia is far more than that. Let’s see how far we can come 😊

Travel throughout Croatia at your own pace, and treat yourself to well-deserved and worry-free vacation accompanied with diverse and fun activities on offer!