Croatia, with its crystal clear waters and picturesque coastal landscapes, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

Here is an overview of the 5 most popular and beautiful beaches worth exploring:

1. Zlatni Rat, Bol (otok Brač)

Zlatni Rat beach, one of the most famous and beautiful on the Adriatic coast, is located in the picturesque town of Bol on the island of Brač. This magical beach is known for its unique shape that changes depending on the sea currents and wind, creating a recognizable image of ‘horns’ extending into the sea.

Zlatni Rat is surrounded by crystal clear sea and lush nature, offering visitors an incredible experience of the beauty of the Croatian coast. The beach offers a variety of facilities, including water sports, cafes and restaurants along the coast. With its spectacular beauty and numerous opportunities for recreation, Zlatni Rat remains a favorite destination for sun, sea and nature lovers.

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2. Punta Rata, Brela

In addition to natural beauty, Punta Rata offers numerous facilities for visitors. Lovers of water activities can enjoy riding pedal boats or jumping from the characteristic rocks known as Kamen Brela. The symbol of Brela provides a photogenic scenario and is therefore a frequent motif in the photos of guests who spent their vacation in Brela. In addition, numerous cafes and restaurants along the coast offer the opportunity to refresh and enjoy gastronomic delicacies with a spectacular view of the sea.

This beach is an ideal destination for families, nature lovers and all those looking for a combination of relaxation and activity. Punta Rata in Brela leaves an indelible impression, making every moment on the coast unforgettable.

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3. Pasjača, Dubrovnik

Pasjača beach in Dubrovnik, hidden between steep rocks and the coast, is a true paradise for lovers of untouched nature and crystal clear sea. Located in the southeast of the Dubrovnik area, this beach is a real discovery, accessible via a steep path that leads to the coast. So summer footwear like flip-flops may not be the best choice for hiking to Pasjača. The combination of peace, untouched nature and refreshing sea makes Pasjača a destination that will be remembered by all who visit it, creating unforgettable moments on the coast of Dubrovnik.

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4. Sakarun, Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok is a true paradise for lovers of white sand and crystal clear sea.

Year after year, it delights all its visitors, and thus earned the nickname “Croatian Maldives”. That it is a paradise for adventurers as well as for families with small children is confirmed by the fact that it is located in a rather isolated location on the island. But, don’t worry, near the beach there are still restaurants where you can relax with a coffee or lunch.

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5. Bačvice, Split

Bačvice Beach in Split, a favorite bathing spot of local residents and tourists, offers a unique experience of a combination of city atmosphere and sea fun. Located just ten minutes’ walk from Diocletian’s Palace, Bačvice is known for its sandy beach and for hosting the unique sport of picigin. This traditional Dalmatian sport is played in the shallows of the sea, and players compete to keep the ball in the air as long as possible.

Bačvice are an indispensable part of Split life, offering a perfect combination of sun, sea and lively atmosphere.

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These beaches represent only a small part of the wealth of the Adriatic coast, offering visitors a variety of unforgettable sea experiences. If you decide to visit Croatia, we definitely recommend that you include one of these beaches in your itinerary. But don’t worry, you will also be delighted by a small hidden cove, rocky or sandy beach which will be the perfect scenario for creating the most beautiful vacation memories.