We bring you the most popular cycling routes in Croatia

Upon arrival at the destination, do you plan excursions and activities to visit and experience as much as possible? You are not spending too much time resting on vacation? Do you find yourself in this? If so, then you are definitely in the right place, because we want to bring you closer to one of the most attractive and popular ways to explore the beauties of Croatia.

EuroVelo map

Cyclotourism in Croatia provides unforgettable and authentic scenes

Cyclotourism in recent years has attracted great interest in our market. No wonder because it provides a lot of benefits. Cycling is completely environmentally friendly and acceptable, it allows you to experience unforgettable, authentic and hidden scenes and keeps cyclists active and healthy. Just like Albert Einstein said: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!

Find your Prince(ss) (Trakošćan castle)/Escape from the crowd (Medvednica)/Continental Croatia by River Roads (Drava and Mura river)


The Croatian National Tourist Board is working on the promotion of cyclotourism and they have launched a campaign: “Cycle, explore and enjoy!”

Trends in tourism did not go unnoticed by the Croatian Tourist Board either, and in order to promote cyclotourism, they launched a promotional campaign: “Bike, explore and enjoy!”. Along with numerous trails, this campaign is especially focused on the EuroVelo 8 route, which includes the entire Croatian coast, from Istria to Dubrovnik.

Below we bring you some of the most interesting and most visited bike trails in Croatia.

List of the most popular bike trails by region:

Slavonia and Baranja are ideal for cycling

If you decide to spend your vacation among the golden fields of sunflowers, absorbing the unique flavors and aromas of Slavonia and Baranja, your ride through the vast fields will be comfortable and fulfilling.

The Danube cycling route follows the course of the calm Danube

One of the most famous is the Danube bicycle route, which is part of the EuroVelo 6 network of bicycle paths. On this route you will follow the flow of the calm Danube through Baranja, passing through the Nature Park Kopački rit, then the castle of Eugene of Savoy in Bilje, the city of Osijek, Aljmaš (confluence of the Drava and Danube), Erdut, Vukovar and fortified Ilok will also be part of your route. The town of Vinkovci also boasts as many as 3 cycling routes (red, blue and green).

Road of Gold (Međimurje county)


The Srijem cycling route takes you from Vinkovci to Ilok

If you want to better explore the Vukovar-Srijem County, be sure to switch to the Srijem cycling route that takes you from Vinkovci to Ilok through typical Slavonian villages with lined houses, forests, fields and vineyards.

Lika and Gorski kotar part of continental Croatia rich in exciting bike trails

You will certainly not make a mistake if you decide for the region of Croatia, which has recently been unavoidable for all visitors to Croatia. The Goranska bicycle transversal connects the towns of Gorski kotar with natural, cultural, historical and gastronomic destinations, which, believe us, are not lacking! It has a total of about 260 kilometers. In Lika, you should never miss the Plitvice Trail. For one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in Europe, words are really not needed, so it is best to experience it. The trail starts in Korenica and leads to the upper Plitvice Lakes, along the undiscovered pearls of the Black and White Rivers.

Cycling in WOW (Plitvice lakes)

Kvarner bicycle routes are a combination of sea and mountain landscape

The junction of the sea and the mountain region stands out best on the Bicycle Transversal of the Rijeka ring. When you set off to drive this 50-kilometer-long trail, it is best to download a mobile application, which will help you find out all the most important information. In addition, the Kvarner region also offers the Intimate Trail, which runs from Novi Vinodolski to the highest settlement in Croatia – Begova Razdolja.

By bike on the largest Croatian peninsula – Istria

The Istrian peninsula is recognizable in many ways, and the Istrian fairy tale will not leave you indifferent either. We are sure that the Parenzana bike path, which is actually named after the Istrian railway from the last century, will arouse all your senses. The starting point is the picturesque village of Buje, you pass through the “city of artists” Grožnjan, Motovun, then drive through the valley of the river Mirna and enjoy passing through bridges, viaducts and tunnels through the incredible Istrian landscape.

Parenzana (Istria)


The most popular cycling sites in Istria

In addition to Parenzana, we would like to single out the trails Archaeological sites and wine roads of Umag, Savudrija and surroundings, the Istrian hills trail, the Istrian wine trail, 101 kilometers and 1 truffle, the road to the center of Istria – a magnificent bay. The selection is really big.

Central Croatia and a unique cycling route From castle to castle

Near the capital and the surrounding area, cyclists are more than welcome. The city of Varaždin is known as the city with the most cyclists in Croatia. The Murska and Drava routes, Steiner’s route (starting from the birthplace of scientist Rudolf Steiner, Donji Kraljevec), Eko Mura, Toplička route and Pušipel’s route (which we single out as the most demanding of the listed because it leads through the Štrigovo hills) stand out.
The trail From Castle to Castle could be especially attractive for discovering this part of Croatia. It stretches as a circular section around the city of Varaždin, across Lepoglava, to the castle of Trakošćan and the surrounding lake, then across Cvetlin back to Varaždin.

Murska route

A unique experience of Dalmatia: by bike to national parks, nature parks, caves and the smallest bays

Fresh mediterranean air, most hours of sunshine, pleasant climate, vicinity of the sea… You can experience all this while driving through Dalmatia. What makes us extremely happy is that the Dalmatian hinterland, in addition to the coast and islands, appeared on bicycle maps.

The most famous cycling routes in Dalmatia

We would like to single out a few routes: in the very south, near Ploče, you can take the bike path Baćinska jezera; near Split, the Vranjača cave trail, certain parts of which we recommend to more experienced downhill cyclists.
Also, it is a wonderful experience to drive through the Croatian Tuscany – Imotski region and drive the Imotski lakes trail, where you will see natural phenomena: Red and Blue lakes, Prološko blato, Zeleno, Knezovića, Mamića lake, Galipovac and Dva oka. We would also like to single out the Kamešnica trail: Grab – Gornja Korita; trail Through Sinjsko polje, and the trail Dugi Otok will take you around the most beautiful Croatian beaches and nature park Telašćica, the icing on the cake would be the Krka National Park trail.

Water is life (lakes in Imotski county)

A recipe for a party you have never experienced before: two wheels and the beauties of Croatia

Two wheels, good will and desire for adventure, everything you need to experience Croatia in a completely different way, in symbiosis with nature, not destroying it, but just admiring its beauty. Just like Frodo said in Lord of the Rings, and Adriagate adds: “We’re going on adventure!”