After several months of tilting at windmills, uncertainty and pandemic restrictions, people were eager for rest and fun. So, they hurried to desirable tourist destinations. Even at the cost of tests, risks, crowds and other (in) opportunities that may befall you on the road in 2021 year…

Croatia is always a good idea

The Adriatic sounded like a great idea to a good part of Europe: the proximity of Croatia, the beauty of our islands and the sea, a decent budget with which you can spend a quality vacation…

In the last weeks of July and the first weeks of August, the rest of Europe swarmed the eastern Adriatic coast and occupied almost every available bed, cabin, tent. But, there were those who did not hesitate to spend the night outdoors.

Safety first

Wondering why some adventurers, in addition to so many accommodations (we count about 12,000 in Adriagate alone), still decided to make such a move?

The epilogue of such situations was usually similar: the road to the Croatian coast, even with small children, relaxed and obviously without prior preparation.

Checking the available capacities this summer was forgotten by many. Our colleagues in the branches met daily with similar questions of blushing faces, which were greeted, after thousands of kilometers, with this: “Sorry, but we are full.” They asked if there was a room for them. Just to spend the night, but with all the efforts of our dear employees, the extra bed was barely to be found.

More tolls were charged this weekend than the same weekend in record 2019, 8/2/2021
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Planning a summer vacation

As we stepped into the new year precariously, we hoped for a change and a final recovery, freedom and shoulder-bumping in the streets and bars. However, at that point the situation could have been predicted barely a week in advance. And who is brave enough to plan a summer vacation at that moment?

While “take-away” and “to-go” were the most popular buzzwords, the situation at the borders is still uncertain. Holidays and vacations in Croatia sounded quite dubious, so most opted for a not so wise waiting strategy.


In the spring, it started slowly and shyly with the opening, vaccination and adaptation to the “new normal”. But this “new” was still not so “normal” enough for planning a vacation. We can say that the popular “staycation” then sounded like a serious pastime and luxury.

Summer is back

The situation changed abruptly with the arrival of summer. The European Football Championship for the first time let spectators and fans into the stadiums, and marked the beginning of summer and the arrival of guests in Croatia.

Slowly but surely, the flights were filling up and arriving on our soil. The temperature mercury would occasionally jump 25 ℃, and on the beaches one could see brave swimmers, playful children and the occasional flamingo.

Last minute?

As the temperature rose and the climatic summer made a grand entrance, more and more people wanted to look for cooling on our Adriatic. Crowds at the borders were getting longer, and airports became real anthills.

Last-minute offers were screaming from all sides, because it really was all “last-minute”. Reservations were coming in constantly and the capacities were filled very quickly, which surprised both renters and guests who couldn’t find a bed.

Crucial early booking

Guests were desperately knocking on all the doors, as Adriagate employees clutched their heads, wanting to give everyone the rest they deserved. Tourists who came to Croatia for a holiday were in most cases limited by date, either because of their vacation or because of school holidays. Free time, without work or school obligations, is important to organize and plan in time.

Adriagate saves the day

Our colleagues are true connoisseurs and wizards when it comes to moving reservations. But firstly, reservations must exist. Another advantage of early booking is certainly a greater choice of both destinations and accommodation. There is certainly a price, which is significantly lower in the pre-season than in “peak time”.

After all, is there a sweeter joy than the joy of waiting for travel and rest? That is why it is important that we remember the lesson for the upcoming holidays, so that it would be pleasant and carefree for all of us: book accommodation on time!

First minute!

If an unpredictable situation occurs, we know how to react and find an agreement. The vacation you have imagined was imagined by many others, so it is important to plan it on time.

We really want to see you all in Croatia, and no one is happier than us when you return home satisfied and rested, with words of praise and a desire to return.
That is why we suggest you to look at our offer immediately on our web-page. We are waiting for you because we want you to know: “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”