The Island of Pašman the Location for a Dream Vacation

Island of Pašman

Pašman is a small island of people with big hearts. This is actually the motto of the island. Its untouched nature captures the attention of all those seeking a quality vacation. Few places in Croatia serve as a kind of time machine, taking us back to a time when nature was king.

Pasman, then and now.

The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, and its name was first mentioned in 990 by the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus. Pašman played an important role in the spread of the Glagolitic alphabet as a letter. Some parts of the island are still uninhabited or very sparsely populated. The island is perfect for a quality vacation, in complete solitude.
Pašman presents itself as a perfect destination for all lovers of walking, cycling, swimming and fishing.

Holiday Home CloverHome Cloverf – This is a remarkable accommodation for all nature lovers. The owner, grandfather Mate, used to stay here in the old days when he went fishing or when he nurtured his olives. The house has been modernized, but the sense of authenticity is indelible. The house is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean aromatic herbs and is an ideal escape from the city bustle.

Home Uncle Jesse

Holiday Home Uncle Jesse – This holiday home is perfect for young and old. Due to its irresistible charm and rustic decorative style, it exudes authenticity. The house has a beautiful terrace with unforgettable views of the nearby islands. The perfect location of the accommodation itself is ideal for swimming, hiking and fishing, but you can also rent a boat.

Holiday Home FumesHome Fumes – For all romantics this beautiful house by the sea of true turquoise color is ideal for all nature lovers. Enjoy the barbecue with your loved ones. Bike and hiking routes are nearby.

The island of Žižanj and the Symphony of the Sea Waves

The island of Žižanj

Žižanj is a small and very sparsely populated island in the Zadar archipelago. It takes 30 minutes by ferry from the island of Pašman to reach Žižanj. The area of the island is slightly less than 1 km square. You will love this little pearl of the Adriatic at first sight, because of its untouched nature.  It offers a unique opportunity for a unique connection with the environment. The island is full of beautiful sandy beaches and is perfect for swimming, fishing and diving thanks to its rich underwater world.

There is no traffic on Žižanj.  Furthermore, guests coming to this piece of paradise on earth must leave their car on the free parking lot in Biograd. Most of the accommodation units on this island have a small boat. This gives you the opportunity to explore some of the hidden coves and enjoy  in the complete privacy.

Holiday Home OrangeHome Orange – Lay on the terrace and enjoy the symphony of the sea. Embark on fishing adventures and catch your lunch just like a real Robinson Cruose.


Holiday Home Morning StarHouse Morning Star – The perfect holiday home for young and old. Replace the city gray and engine noise with the chirping of birds. Coffee in the morning or cocktails in the evening: The drink changes – but the view remains!

Island of Brač, a Sea of Possibilites.

The third largest island in Croatia, allegedly named after a deer, the ancient Greeks called it Elaphusa which means deer. Brač is world famous for its klapa singing, but also for its stone. The famous “brački kamen” was used to build the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the White House in Washington. This is an island of great diversity, with many locations suitable for mass as well as for authentic tourism. The area of the island of Brač is 394 square kilometers. The island boasts about 270 sunny days a year.

Brač is known for fishing and indigenous products of exceptional quality such as wine, olives, figs, nectarines and various other fruits. Moreover, Brač does not have a place of the same name on the island. It is the only island in Dalmatia that has its own airport.

Vila Rokova Vala

A Beautiful Villa with a Breathtaking View.

Far from the city in the middle of a pine forest, only a kilometer and a half from the center of Sumartin, lies this Dalmatian pearl in solitude.

Villa Rokova ValaRokova Vala outside – The villa was built in the traditional Dalmatian style dominated by stone and wood. It is a perfect combination of modern and traditional. In light of the above stated every detail of the villa emphasizes the spirit of the Mediterranean.

The villa is located in a bay and is surrounded by olive trees and pine forest. Firstly, It is ideal for relaxing in untouched nature and secondly the outdoor pool is perfect for lounging and swimming.

You can access the villa by driving along a macadam road. 70 meters from the Villa is a  beautiful natural pebble beach that the owner maintains. The owners did not forget about the youngest neither, so they made a children’s playground for them.

All the above stated locations are also perfectly suitable for all those travelling with pets, as a result many families with pets prefer these accommodation types.


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