Croatia already has a certain reputation as a tourist destination, but a digital nomad is not a tourist, it is a person who comes here to live and work, so when choosing a destination, it is guided by a different logic with a much wider range of criteria.

When you finally decide that it is time to choose a new destination for living and working, you come to the first obstacle, and that is choosing a country. Movies often portray the process of making this decision as a trivial thing, where it’s enough to close your eyes and spin the globe and wherever you land you’ll manage. Life is not a movie so making a decision still looks a little different.

There are four main reasons why digital nomads choose Croatia:

  • Regulated legislation for digital nomads (visa and tax payment)
  • Quality of life in Croatia
  • Natural and cultural diversity
  • Good traffic connections

Croatia legally regulates visas for digital nomads from third countries

The importance of digital nomads for Croatia is also confirmed by the legislation adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Croatia was among the first countries in the world to regulate the status of digital nomads for third-country nationals, that is for those who are not from the EU. After January 1, 2021, digital nomads are able to apply for a visa for a long stay in Croatia for up to a year. If you are from the US, UK or Canada and work online, this is a great opportunity to move your home to the Mediterranean..


This move has greatly facilitated the procedures and conditions for entering Croatia, and all detailed information can be found here.

Digital nomads come to explore natural and cultural diversity

The natural beauties of Croatia begin with beautiful sunny weather and the sea. The Croatian coast, and especially Dalmatia and the islands, have up to 300 sunny days a year, so swimming in the sun and sea is a normal thing.

UNESCO monuments as an ideal choice for a vacation or a break between work

The combination of Roman, Venetian, Austrian, traditional Mediterranean and modern style of architecture and history where everything is intertwined, represents a unique combination of cultural diversity. Visit the many UNESCO monuments that can be found along the coast and explore the national parks of Croatia that will amaze you with the richness of flora and fauna.


Move your office to a terrace overlooking the sea or beautiful vineyards

Air quality is an important part of life for all of us because it affects our sleep, our heart and brain and consequently our productivity. By moving to Croatia, your office can be on the terrace, while lying on a deck chair or wherever suits you, and the environment around you, the sea, nature and simply clean air will give you a new note of a healthier life and more productive work.


Quality of life in Croatia is better than some European destinations

An important factor in choosing the ideal destination for digital nomads is both the modern infrastructure and the availability of services. In urban areas, places that digital nomads often prefer, everything you need for a comfortable life and efficient work is at your fingertips. Croatia has a very stable internet that is among the fastest in Europe.

Feel free to move through the streets of Croatian towns and cities – safety is important

In addition to all the above, it is worth mentioning the security of the country, the crime rate in Croatia is very low so you can move freely without any restrictions, and children can play carefree around the house if you are a family nomad. The locals are friendly with foreigners and know English so you will never feel lonely.

Croatia has an exceptional geographical position and good internal connection

Traffic connections in Croatia are excellent, the country has one of the best highways in Europe. Croatia is big enough not to be small, and small enough not to be big, so you can visit every part of the country whenever you want. From Zagreb to Dubrovnik you need about 6 hours of driving, and on the way you have a bunch of small hamlets and towns, each with its own unique charm, and you have quality roads to all of them. Apart from driving around Croatia, you can go anywhere else because Croatia has an excellent geographical position in the heart of Europe and a role of a bridge between the west and southeast of the continent.


With legislation, Croatia has taken its first step to become a recognizable destination for digital nomads in Europe. With its natural and historical richness and quality of life, it is one of the most interesting places to live, and its geographical position is easily accessible from all parts of Europe. It is only up to you to decide to move your office to the Mediterranean.


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