Authenticity above Everything

Authentic accommodation, due to its uniqueness and the fact that it goes beyond the planned framework, has an irresistible magnetic attraction. These dream houses are not only the safest type of accommodation but they also represent a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of our daily existence.

Authentic Accommodation, Necessity not Luxury

Today everyone emphasizes perfection in their facilities and locations pointing out luxurious decoration and technological equipment.  On the other hand, authentic accommodation is guided by the idea that through less perfection we get more authenticity.

Authentic accommodation Croatia

psychophysical balanceWe live in a time when authenticity is not easy to find because life often leads us in a completely different direction. Escaping from the daily hectic is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity.

Returning to Mother Nature is by far the most effective way to restore our psychophysical balance. The average length of stay in accommodation of this type is 16 days. The length of stay is a great testament to the irresistible charm of these secluded houses.


Secluded Houses, the Perfect Vacation for You and Your Pet

Numerous guests have recognized the benefits of this type of vacation. Reservations for authentic accommodation begin in September for the coming year, and this trend has only continued during the pandemic. It is worth noting that pets are welcome in 90% of the facilities of this type.

pets are welcomeCroatia abounds in islands that are perfectly suitable for this type of vacation. There is often an interesting and charming story behind these houses as well.

hvar brac Croatia authentic accommodation

Northern Dalmatian islands like Pašman and Žižanj near the Kornati National Park as well as the islands of Brač and Hvar in central Dalmatia are ideal destinations for an authentic vacation. Enjoy the calm amid untouched nature, swim in the crystal clear sea and spend a dream vacation.


Find ideal authentic accommodation on the Adriatic coast



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