Traveling with children and online school, computer work.

The development of technology has enabled employees in certain sectors of the economy to work outside the office. The changes that occurred with the pandemic only accelerated this process, extending to education at the same time. Such a trend, although we may not be fully accustomed to it yet, actually allows us to change our place of residence.

Digital nomads in Croatia

Since we already work from home, we can choose a special place where we want to spend time, such as a house in nature or with a sea view.

Live, work and educate children in beautiful houses on the Croatian coast.

The trend of an increasing number of so-called family nomads confirms that individuals have recognized the benefits of this type of work and schooling. These are primarily married couples with children, who, motivated by world events, are looking for an ideal place to live.

Digitalni nomadi - obitelj

Family nomads prefer accommodation in quieter places, which still remain well connected to urban centers due to the availability of all essential services (shops, clinics, etc.), while at the same time wanting to enjoy a certain intimacy that houses in quieter locations, with their courtyards, offer.

Accommodation for family nomads – work space for you and spacious courtyards for playing with children

Fortunately, Croatia abounds in such destinations, either on islands or in smaller places on the coast or in the Dalmatian hinterland. You work, connected to a stable internet connection in a special room that incites work and creativity, while the child plays in the courtyard, and later you can go with the whole family for a walk in nature or for a swim.

Accommodation of this type is modernly equipped, and the price of accommodation and utilities, as well as the price of all other services is significantly lower in Croatia compared to the European average, so for the same money you can get much more.

Choice of accommodation for digital nomads and families with children studying online

For all those who come with families, Adriagate has singled out the best houses located in small urban areas (islands, coast, as well as the mainland). All facilities have an excellent Internet connection, quality desks, heating, and are very well connected with the rest of the country, located near major airports, with the availability of all essential services (health facilities, bars, restaurants, shops).

Nicely decorated accommodation for digital nomads in Dalmatia and Istria

For singles or couples, in addition to houses, there are many apartments available in various locations.

“In conclusion, I want to end with the idea that we view life as a car, if you keep a car in the garage all your life, it is of no great use, so get on the road and drive to Croatia 😊.”

If you are a family nomad, have a desire to become or simply want to travel with your family for a long stay, check out our offer!

Digital nomads - longer family trips

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