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The largest port on the Balkan Adriatic coast is situated on the south of Montenegro and it is called Bar. Different cultures have influenced the development and appearance of the city and the city was constantly rebuilt. It is known as the city of olives (you can see the oldest olive tree in the world, older more than 2000 years.)

Take a walk through the city and visit the castle of king Nikola on the coast which was built in 1885. It is a complex which consists of big and small castles, chapels, watchtowers and winter gardens. The dance hall was also built later. It is the county museum today which preserves numerous archaeological findings from this area. There is also a park with an abundance of Mediterranean and exotic plants in the castle.
You can visit Old Bar (Antivari) which is situated just a few kilometres from the coast and it is famous for its old urban centre surrounded by stone walls. You can also see the best preserved aqueduct on the entire Adriatic. The inside of the walls is rich in remains of sacral objects form the Middle Ages, the old Turkish baths from the 18th century, clock tower and many others…

There are no beaches in the town because the most of the town was turned into a harbour dock. The most famous Bar’s bathing area is called Red beach (Between Sutomore and Bar), which was named after its famous red sand. There is a pine forest in the hinterland where you can relax in the shade. You can find 20 more different beaches near Bar. The largest one is sand beach in Sutomore. Some beaches have restaurants and bars as well as a variety of facilities for children.

If you want to explore the area surrounding the town be sure to visit the National Park Skadar Lake, the largest freshwater surface of the Balkans.

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