Veli Losinj - island Losinj

Location: Kvarners islands
Veli Losinj - island LosinjVeli Losinj - island LosinjVeli Losinj - island Losinj

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Tourist destination info Veli Losinj - island Losinj

Veli Losinj is a town situated in a small cove on the south-east part of the island of Losinj, at the foot of St. Ivan hill. It used to be the largest town on the island, and now is the third largest town in the Cres-Losinj island group. This is a town with rich history, which contains numerous cultural sites such as old villas with large gardens. Those villas are the proof of the former wealth of Veli Losinj and its population, rich captains and seafarers primarily. Besides the numerous luxurious villas, you can see the baroque parish church of St. Anthony the Hermit with a tall bell tower, fortress with battlements (built in the 16th century to defend the port from the sea invasions), as well as the St. Nikola church (15th century). Sports and recreation enthusiasts can enjoy basketball, volleyball, football, cycling, hiking, walking, water polo, diving, fishing, sailing, jet-ski, as well as numerous other sports activities. Like any other Dalmatian place, Veli Losinj hosts numerous festivities and evening program with games. If you would like to get acquainted with the gastronomy of this region and savor the specialties of the island of Losinj, visit the restaurants “Ribarska koliba” and “Punta”, as well as the taverns “Mol” and “Kalica”.

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Zadar is a city with an extraordinary history and extremely valuable cultural heritage. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is said to be a real treasury of archaeological and monumental treasure of all periods. It is most known for the following historical monuments: St. Donat church, Cathedral of St. Stošije, St. Šime church, St. Mary’s church and monastery, St. Frane church and monastery, city walls, fortresses and gates, the Grisogono-Vovo palace, the Providur palace and many others. The city attracts more and more tourists each year due to its various attractions. Get acquainted with the first sea organ in the world, the solar circle, national square, Five Wells Square, the city’s silver and gold, Forum, Ancient Glass Museum and Kalelarga.

Pašman island is located in the Zadar archipelago, separated from land by the Pašman canal which is home to several small, picturesque islands. Pašman has several places of interest with various historical monuments such as the following: stone statue of St. Michael, Benedictine monastery of St. Kuzma and Damian, Franciscan monastery of St. Dujam, church of St. Luke, church of St. Kuzma, remains of the church of St. Martin, Franciscan monastery with church and many others. The island inhabitants are mainly fishermen, farmers, wine growers and, in more recent times, touristic workers. Because of the Mediterranean climate, there is a rich culture of flora and fauna.

Long island is the largest island in the group of northern Dalmatian islands. The pride of the island is the lighthouse located on the northwestern side, as well as the nature park Telaščica which is characterized by three phenomena: the Telaščica bay, “Stene” cliff and salt lake “Mir.” There are various historical monuments on the island such as the Franciscan monastery, the church of St. Michael, the church of St. Rocco, the church of St. Nicholas, church of St. Anthony, St. Krševan of Zadar monastery, St. Pelegrine church, Nativity of the Virgin Mary sanctuary, St. Nicholas chapel and many others.

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