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The island of Losinj belongs to the Cres-Losinj archipelago. Losinj is the biggest and the most forested island of the Losinj archipelago. The entire coast is rich with coves and bays ideal for swimming and enjoying in the sun. The highest peak of the island is Osorsica, 588m high and 10km long. In the past, the island of Losinj was connected to Cres with an artificial canal. Today, there are two islands connected by a traffic bridge. You can enjoy sight-seeing throughout the entire island and visit numerous monuments like churches, convents, basilicas, renaissance buildings and ancient relics. Nerezine, St. Jakov, Cunski, Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj are the populated places on Losinj.

Veli Losinj is located on the south-eastern side of the island, at the foot of the St. Ivan hill. It is the second largest settlement on the island with famous features such as luxurious villas with incredible gardens and tall houses. Mali Losinj is the largest settlement on the island, located on the southern side of the Losinj bay. This is also the largest island town on the Adriatic, as well as one of the main tourist centers. You can visit the Cikat park forest, Ambroz Haracic monument, parish church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Josip Kasman monument, numerous Austrian aristocracy villas and countless other. Nature lovers can enjoy beautiful promenades and footpaths throughout the island. “Dolphin path” is a footpath which leads through the south side of the island of Losinj and connects its east and west coast.

Losinj can be reached by a ferry (Porozina – Brestova, Marag – Valbiska), speedboat (leaves every morning from Mali Losinj to the smaller surrounding islands, Cres and Rijeka), bus or airplane (at the moment the Mali Losinj airport receives only smaller, private planes).

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