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Beachfront accommodation Dalmatia - accomodation near sea

Book a beachfront accommodation in Dalmatia and enjoy the sandy and pebble beaches. Relax in the shade of the pine trees during the hot and sunny days of summer. Families with children can enjoy the pleasures of the shallow waters and have fun while making sand sculptures.

Dalmatia offers accommodation near the beach

If you are visiting Dalmatia in summer, rent an apartment which is located only few meters from beach and enjoy sea murmuring and pine scent. With us, you will find richest selection of accommodation located right by some of many pebble and sand beaches in Dalmatia. If you are traveling with your family, check accommodation along beaches in locations like Rogoznica, Gdinj on Hvar island, Tkon on Pašman island, Podstrana, Ražanj, etc. If you are going on vacation with your friends, check our selection of accommodation in vicinity of beaches that offer parties until morning like beach Hangar in Vodice, beach Banje in Dubrovnik or nearby popular beach Zrće on island of Pag.

Recommended accommodation Dalmatia

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
4 Persons
Price from:
88 € per day

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
4 Persons
Price from:
88 € per day

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
5 Persons
Price from:
134 € per day

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
6 Persons
Price from:
123 € per day

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Apartment Frane is located in a small village Brodarica, 5km south of Šibenik. This place is perfect for family vacations and swimming on picturesque ...
Beachfront accommodation capacity:
8 Persons
Price from:
93 € per day

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Ana holiday home is located on the island of Pasman in Ždrelac. Although Ždrelac is located at the intersection of sea routes to the surrounding islan...
Beachfront accommodation capacity:
4 Persons
Price from:
102 € per day

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Luxury Stone Villa is located on the island of Vir, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. In this small place you can spend hot summer days ...
Beachfront accommodation capacity:
12 Persons
Price from:
474 € per day

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
7 Persons
Price from:
215 € per day

Beachfront accommodation capacity:
5 Persons
Price from:
68 € per day
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Cheap accommodation by the sea in Dalmatia

Dalmatia has become one of the most popular destinations for vacation, so we completed our accommodation selection with properties by the sea which are affordable to any pocket. Look through our selection in destinations with largest number of seaside accommodation like Rogoznica, Ražanj, Podstrana, Okrug Gornji, on the islands of Hvar, Pag and Pašman, and choose cheap apartment to your liking so you can have vacation to remember. Also, don't forget to keep track of our first and last minute offers and promotions where you can save more than 25%!

Choose modern style beachfront accommodation in Dalmatia

For our most demanding guests we gave our best to acquire large number of accommodation by the sea in Dalmatia, whose interior exudes with simplicity and luxury. So, choose a charming apartment or seaside house and enjoy beautiful view and scent of sea and pine from your terrace or balcony. So you can have luxury dream vacation, we recommend to go through our selection of modern apartments in locations with largest number of seaside accommodation like islands of Hvar, Pag, Lastovo or Orkug Gornji and Rogoznica.

Highlights & Things to do

If you go on holiday with friends be sure to visit the beaches in Makarska, Vodice, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Novalja (the famous Zrce beach) where the fun never stops. Make the most of your holidays in Dalmatia and do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the nearby National Parks: Kornati, Krka or Paklenica. You can also enjoy the beauties of nature parks, go hiking on the mountain Biokovo, walk around the Vrana Lake, visit the islands of Dugi Otok and Lastovo.

The Dalmatian islands offer everything you need to enjoy a dream vacation. Spend your vacation on the islands of Lastovo and Vis and experience a sense of peace, or choose some island where there are no cars. Feel glamorous while walking through Hvar, sail across vast Kornati islands, discover secluded coves and beaches or simply stay in the beachfront accommodation in Dalmatia. For those who love sports, Dalmatia offers many activities: cycling, scuba diving, hiking, sailing, tennis, rafting and paragliding. Enjoy your stay in accommodation in Dalmatia and discover the charm of the tasty Dalmatian cuisine. There are numerous restaurants and taverns where you can taste the local specialties and wines. If you are staying near Ston, be sure to try delicious seafood dish and famous wines from the vineyards of Peljesac and Korcula. It is worth noting that in the most tourist centers along the coast there are free Internet access points.

Dalmatia 3

Every corner of the Dalmatian region is steeped in tradition, customs, culture and tumultuous history. If you have decided to visit the this region do not miss to, apart from enjoying the beach and partying, feel the true spirit of Dalmatia in stone towns and islands.

Dalmatian tradition

The best way to fully explore the destination where you decided to spend your vacation is to become familiar with the old folk traditions and costumes. That is the only way you can experience the true beauty of traditional Dalmatian cities.

Croatia is proud of lace tradition of the island Pag, which is recognized by UNESCO as well and which dates back to the 15th century. Diligent hands of Pag lace makers knit traditionally beautiful lace without any patterns, and they transfer their knowledge to younger generations as well. Lace, as a souvenir, will decorate your home and remind you of the beauty of this salty island. In addition to the Pag lace, Pag is known for its traditional production of salt. If you are interested how salt was extracted and transported, be sure to visit a salt museum in town Pag.

Sibenik cap, next to the Cathedral of St. James, (under the protection of UNESCO) is one of the Sibenik symbols. Orange cap with black-related decorations (bovul) is part of traditional costumes, and you can see it on the heads of Sibenik inhabitants during many cultural and entertainment events. After walking the streets of the town Sibenik and sightseeing extremely rich historical heritage take a peek into some of the many souvenir shops and buy this original souvenir.


In the summer, walk through the town of Omis and enjoy traditional Dalmatian songs - klape. Klapa is a symbol of Dalmatia; groups of 5 to 8 members without instruments sing  traditional Dalmatian songs. Experience the traditional Dalmatian songs in Omiš Festival, one of the most prestigious competitions of acapella singing.

The island of Korcula is famous for the sword dances performed by different associations of chivalry. Visit Vela Luka and enjoy traditional dances Kumpanija in the town of Korcula and do not miss the traditional sword dance from the 12th century (Moreska). Red and black army led by the kings in a fight for the girl is a spectacle worth seeing.

The goldsmiths’ trade is a traditional craft of Dubrovnik. The goldsmiths from the 13th century made golden earrings and buttons that adorn the beautiful girls from Dubrovnik even today. The timeless beauty of this manual work is now widely recognized, and in the goldsmith's workshop you can find the ideal piece for yourself.

Mediterranean cuisine – Tastes of Dalmatia in one place

Many Dalmatians agree that there is nowhere better to eat than in Dalmatia. Each town on the coast has its own local delicacies. Mediterranean cuisine is based on olive oil, onion, spices and a will not leave your taste buds indifferent.

Across Dalmatia you can find traditional restaurants, known as taverns, and order Dalmatian Stew (Pasticada), a traditional dish of sirloin stuffed with bacon, onions and carrots in a marinade of wine and vinegar. With homemade gnocchi and a glass of quality red wine, Pasticada will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

The smell of homemade grilled lamb can be felt through the entire Dalmatia, but the most famous is the one on the island Pag. The secret of this delicacy is in a specific lamb diet based on sage and tiny grass full of salt.

If the road leads you to the Dalmatian hinterland, you have to taste unavoidable traditional “peka”. The meat or fish with vegetables in a clay pot covered with an iron bell is baked on a fireplace, and you should definitely try it.

When in Omis, be sure to visit Radman's Mills, where in addition to the beautiful nature, you can enjoy the traditional mangold pie with onions and parsley with two layers of dough - Poljica soparnik. The dish goes well with liqueur made of cherries Marasca, which is the authentic Zadar liqueur. Taste the sweet fritters, simple dessert made from dough with powdered sugar.

“Viska pogaca” is a gastronomic delicacy prepared in the traditional way on the island of Vis. And if you decide to visit the island of Hvar, taste “Starogrojski paprenjak” which is a traditional delicacy made from Hvar honey, olive oil and sherry. When in Korcula enjoy oysters with a drop of lemon juice.

If you are in Trogir sweeten yourselves with “rafioli”, cookie pastry with almonds filling, and if you eat dinner in Makarska try the traditional cake Makarana. If that's not enough sugar for you, go to Dubrovnik and try rozata, caramel pudding served as a dessert with a traditional Dubrovnik lunch.

Olive oil, quality wine, figs - The traditional flavors of Dalmatia

Dalmatian region is known for its traditional cultivation of olives and best wines. There is no place on the coast where you will not find an olive grove or a small family vineyard.

Are you interested in the traditional way of life or you just want to enjoy the finest flavors of the Mediterranean? We recommend visiting the islands Hvar and Korcula, famous for their vineyards. On the fertile fields of a small village Cara on the island of Korcula, one of the most prized wines Pošip is cultivated, the first Croatian white wine of distinctive taste.

The area of Primosten is known for its autochthonous grape varieties from which high quality wine Babic is made. Take advantage of holidays in Primosten to visit numerous private wine cellars and basements. This area is still known for olive growing and healthy olive oil that you can buy at many stores. We recommend that you try anchovies in olive oil.

Did you know that the world famous high quality wine Zinfandel comes from Croatia? Numerous tests confirmed that the old indigenous grape Crljenak Kaštelanski is genetically equivalent to Zinfandel. If you are staying in the vicinity of Split, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a glass of premium red wine in the vine & cheese bar Paradox or buy it in the numerous wine shops.

Dalmatia is, except for its vineyards and olive oil, known for its cultivation of figs. This natural antidepressant has only 10 calories and is an ideal fruit for each diet. Ripen in August and you can buy them in numerous markets throughout Dalmatia. The island of Murter is one of the most famous for the cultivation of figs, and in Vodice you can enjoy traditional sweets of dried figs. Dried figs are one of the favorite desserts in Dalmatia. Be sure to try healthy dried figs jam which is great top combine with a semi-hard cow's milk cheese from Kolan (domestic Gligor production).

Famous American gourmet and travel writer Anthony Bourdain during his trip was overwhelmed by Croatian specialties and quality wines, and his reactions to divine Dalmatia you can be seen in this video.

Top restaurants in Dalmatia

If you want to try some of the excellent and authentic Dalmatian specialties we advise you to visit the following taverns and restaurants:

  • • Pag island - Restaurant "Boškinac" - the best lamb with root vegetables and Pag sage
  • • Zadar - Restaurant "Dva ribara" - light Mediterranean cuisine, seafood salads and pizzas
  • • Vodice - Tavern 'Makina' - fish, clams, squid, shrimp and potatoes
  • • Sibenik - Restaurant "Uzorita" - Black pasta with cuttlefish
  • • Split - Tavern "Varoš" - fresh Dalmatian fish
  • • Omis - Restaurant "Radman's mills" - homemade baking, Poljicki Soparnik, fritters
  • • Makarska - Restaurant "Jež" – fish dishes, lavender cake
  • • Brac Island - Restaurant "Santo" – fish specialties, Brac lamb, wine Pošip
  • • Dubrovnik - Taverna "Sesame" - sea bass with spicy crust of almonds and sesame, domestic semifreddo with strawberries and blueberries

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