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The island of Solta is a small island located near the town of Split, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Solta is considered a Central Dalmatian island with a surface of 51,9km2. During socialism, it was unaffected by the mass tourism so the island preserved its natural and cultural heritage which is particularly appreciated today. The island of Solta is sufficiently undiscovered, but holds numerous charms despite the obvious lack of larger urban settlements. There are eight smaller settlements on the island: Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, Donje Selo, located within the island, as well as Stomorska, Necujam, Rogac and Maslinica located along the shore. The settlements situated within the island are older than the ones on the coast because the inhabitants wanted to protect themselves from numerous pirate robberies and devastations. There are only 1500 inhabitants on the island during the year, but the island comes to life during summer, when tourists and locals who have left Solta, come for their holidays.

Necujam, the largest bay on the island of Solta which hides numerous coves protected from the wind, has the longest tourism history of all other settlements on the island. At the same time, Necujam is the youngest settlement on the island founded when all the hotels and weekend houses were built. This part of the island is famous because the emperor Diocletian used a small cove called Piskera as his own fish pond. The cove holds the ruins on the sea bottom even today.

The second most important tourist resort on the island of Solta is Stomorska.  In the past, the seafaring was very important in Stomorska because wine and lime were transported along the Adriatic on the sailboats which are used in tourism even today. During summer, numerous fishing festivities are organized. This place contains the largest number of cafes so the nightlife is very active. The largest settlement on the island is Grohote, located in the middle of the island. Grohote is a typical small Mediterranean place the population of which is engages in agriculture and, more recently, production of lime.

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