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The island of Lastovo is the southernmost populated island which has a population of 835 people. It is 11km long and 6,5km wide. Its current name, Lastovo, is over a thousand years old, which confirms its Croatian identity. The Romans used to call it the emperor island. The first human life clues were discovered in the Raca cave, in the early Bronze Age. The first settlement on Lastovo is Ubli, which was named after the source of brackish water. Some of the other settlements on the island are: Glavat, Lastovo, Pasadur, Skrivena Luka, Susac, i Zaklopatica. The population of Lastovo is engaged in agriculture, fishing and, more recently, tourism. From Ubli you can reach Pasadur or the island of Prezba by road because it is connected with the main island by a bridge. The image of some more exotic landscapes become real on the island of Lastovo. Tourism has just started to evolve on this island, but its possibilities could enable it to be even more successful than any other place in the Adriatic. The town of Lastovo is a protected cultural monument because of its unique renaissance architecture. The entire island abounds in cultural and historical heritage. While staying on Lastovo, see the remains of the Illyrian buildings, numerous sacral monuments from the 11th century, villae rusticate from the Greek and Roman era, as well as numerous churches and chapels. The most famous church is the parish church of St. Kuzma and Damjan from the 15th century. The most important event on the island is a carnival, organized in the honor of the victory over pirates. Lastovo is one of the most forested islands in the Adriatic, the forest of which is worth exploring, as well as climbing on the highest peak – Hum, and enjoying the astonishing view of the entire islands and numerous islets which surround it.

Lastovo can be reached only by ship i.e. by a ferry boat or a speedboat from Split. If you are traveling by car, you would have to catch the ferry which will take you to Lastovo in less than 5 hours. It would take you 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel by a speedboat.

It was said that Lastovo has a surface of 46 km2, 46 fields, 46 churches and is surrounded with 46 islands.

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