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Tourist destination info Barban

Barban is a medieval village located in the south-eastern part of Istria in the valley of Rasa (Arsia). Barban's economy is based on agriculture and stock breeding. As tourism has developed over the years, residents of Barban decided to combine these two professions and began taking part in agro tourism. You can find accommodation in some 250 private rooms and apartments in Barban. Along with its great food, guests can also enjoy in riding sports and hunting tourism since the surroundings, including the woods and valley of the Rasa River, are abundant in birds and game. Fertile soil gives quality wines so Barban can certainly be proud as well with numerous wine cellars.
Barban is the right destination, during all year seasons, for a family vacation, scientific work or romanticists who like loneliness and tranquillity.
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Barban recommended accommodation

* prices for June 2018 based on the maximum capacity for a minimum stay of 7 days

House - Barban Casa Puntera From 102 €
  • Barban,
  • Persons: 1-8
House - Barban House Dragica From 80 €
  • Barban,
  • Persons: 4-6
  • Most recent reservation 6 days ago
House - Barban Villa Lucy From 342 €
  • Barban,
  • Persons: 1-14
House - Barban Villa Tea From 159 €
  • Barban,
  • Persons: 1-6

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