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Tourist destination info Skradin

Skradin is a small town situated about 15km from Sibenik, along the river Krka. It is one of the oldest Croatian towns which has begun writing its history since the time of the Illyrians. It received its name during the Roman rule – Scardona. After the Roman Scardona has beed ruined and robbed to the very foundations, the Croats rebuilt the town and named it Skradin. Skradin is an attractive tourist destination with an authentic stone town core in the vicinity of which there are numerous attractive sites, waterfalls Skradin and Roski waterfall, as well as a small Franciscan island  Visovac. One of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia is located in Skradin. The town is famous for its turbulent, 6000 years old past. If you would like to find out more about this charming little town, visit its historical sites, such as : The Church of Our Lady with the bell tower (it is located on the biggest square in the center of the town – 18th century), an orthodox church of St. Spiridon (located in the old town core), the churches of St. Petko and Jeronim (located in the old town core), as well as Bribirska Glavica (located 15km from Skradin – a locality over six thousand years old; you can see the remains from the prehistory, ancient times and middle ages in this area). Be sure to visit the natural beauties of the Krka national park, as well as the Skradin waterfall, Roski waterfall and Visovac, all located within the national park. During the summer months, ferry lines are very frequent from Skradin to the Krka national park. In Skradin, you can enjoy swimming at the bathing place located on the Krka river, or in a beach located on the very spot where the river meets the sea. If you are a gastronomy enthusiast and wish to savor the specialties of this region, visit the restaurants “Zlatne školjke”, “Bak”, “Barbara”, as well as the taverns “Prstaci”, “Dalmatino” and “Bonaca”. Visit Skradin which is simply delightful in every single detail – small, picturesque and tasteful, located on the spot where the river kisses the sea.

Be sure to visit :

Šibenik is the oldest self-settled city on the Adriatic and is located at the mouth of the river Krka. Get acquainted with the history of this city by visiting its many museums, galleries and historical monuments. Of its historical monuments we recommend you visit the fortresses of St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. John and Subicevac, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, St. Francis church, St. Dominic’s church, Four Wells and others. Of its museums and galleries we recommend you visit the Sibenik City Museum, AG Gallery, St. Krsevan Gallery, Madrigal. During the summertime, Sibenik hosts various festivals such as the International Children’s Festival, Sibenik Evening, Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons, Organ Summer School and Sibenik Cultural Summer.

Vodice is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatis. It is a city which takes pride in its tradition and old age and is located along the coast in a wide bay. The city is winner of the “Touris flower” award given to cities with a specially attractive tourism offer. The city is home to one of the most popular night clubs on the Adriatic, the Hacienda. It is rich with cultural monuments, of which we recommend the following: Karmel church (located on the Okit hill), Čorić tower, St. Elijah church, church of the Holy Cross and the parish church of the Holy Cross with its bell tower. Sports and recreation lovers can enjoy beach volleyball, soccer, basketball, cycling, scuba diving, sea fitness, rental of floaters, kayaks or speedboats and many other activities.

Primošten is an island town, surrounded by seven smaller islands. It is a typical Mediterranean town which is best seen in its small streets and small stone houses in the center of the old town. It is home to two beautiful small churches: the church of St. George, built in 1485, and the church of St. Rocco, built in 1680. Those who enjoy sports may take part in playing tennis, table tennis, mini golf, beach volleyball, parasailing, jet-ski riding, as well as scuba diving for beginners and the experienced.

Overall guest rating
  • 3.2
     Fekete (Couple ) 25/09/2013 - 
    A Krka természetvédelmi terület gyönyörű. A Katica vendégház teraszáról rálátás nyilt a Krrka folyó skradini kikötőjére.
  • 4.4
     Dureau (Family with children ) 05/09/2013 - 
    Un emplacement exceptionnel sur la marina de Skradin. Un accès direct au parc national de Krka . Un accès rapide pour visiter Sibenik ou même Split . L''appartement est très confortable. Les hôtes très accueillant !!
  • 4.8
     STEPHANE (Family with children ) 15/08/2013 - 
     No reviews
    The situation in relation to the park Krka, Sibenik and Zadar, makes Skradin an ideal place for exploring the region. . It is good to spend 2 or 3 days with family in this port.
     No reviews
  • 4
     LOOTEN (Family with children France) 30/06/2013 - 
    Le lieu en lui même très beau avec une ambiance sans chichi, s''il y a des bateaux de luxe dans le port, on ne ressent pas pour autant une atmosphère "bobo". Le parc national de la Krka vaut vraiment le détour et Skradin est à notre avis le pied à terre idéal. Il l''est également pour partir faire des excursions sur les îles à partir de Šibenik qui n''est qu''à 30 minutes en voiture. Entre Skardin et Šibenik il y a pas ailleurs un centre de protection des rapaces qui peut être visité et dont le directeur est absolument charmant. Le lieu est ombragé et est agréable à découvrir avec des enfants.
    Le manque d''information au niveau de l''office de tourisme sur les modalités d''accès au parc national, en effet il n''est a priori pas possible d''acheter le billet d''accès journée la veille pour l''utiliser le lendemain. Nous avons failli ne pas pouvoir entrer alors que nous avions acheté nos billets en fin d''après midi la veille et que nous ne pouvions donc manifestement pas les avoirs utilisés. Nous n''avons pas pu déterminé si le manque d''information était de la négligence ou une volonté délibérée de faire payer deux fois. Car nous n''avons pas cédé mais d''autres touristes fassent au blocage ont pu être amenés à payer deux fois! Nous avons rencontré au moins un autre couple dans cette situation, vigilance donc et il faut aller à la pêche aux infos car ils vous en disent le minimum!!
  • 5
     Wilfried (Solo Belgium) 10/05/2013 - 
    welcoming atmosphere in cosy harbour village
    the quietness, the view on the harbour, nearby departure to Krka Waterfalls and nature reserve.

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