Kind words and compliments really pay off! Adriagate, your holiday specialist in Croatia, rewards you with a special discount on your next reservation.

All you have to do is recommend us to your family, friends or acquaintances and for each new Adriagate client who makes a reservation following your recommendation, you automatically get a 5 percent discount for your next reservation. Your friend should add your name as the person who recommended us during the booking in order for you to get a discount on your next reservation. You can accumulate multiple 5% promotional discounts if more than one person lists you as a referrer. The promotional discount is valid for 12 months and can be combined with other loyalty vouchers on a single booking.

Read our policies here and join the referral reward program.

1. Adriagate Referral Program is designed as a program aimed to incentivize existing clients of the Adriagate Travel Agency as well as new potential clients by way of referrals.

2. Adriagate Promoter is an existing or a new client who recommends Adriagate’s accommodation services to one or more of his/her Contacts using an email with a referral code.

3. New clients are Contacts of the Promoter who end up making the booking for which they get a discount on the full amount of their booking.

4. Adriagate Promoter can forward an email with a Referral promotion code to as many of his Contacts as he/she wishes.

5. Adriagate Promoter receives an automatic 5% referral promo discount if one or more of his/her Contacts carry out a booking through the Adriagate Website.

6. An individual booking refers to a single email address from which the booking came, it is possible that a Contact makes bookings for more than one accommodation unit through the same email, in this case it is regarded as an individual booking and a 5% discount is applied to each of the booked units. The Promoter gets a 5% referral promo discount relative to the same email independently of the number of accommodation units booked.

7. If Contacts make booking/s using two or more different email addresses the Promoter gets a separate 5% referral promo discount for booking/s his different Contacts make through each separate email while a Contact gets a 5% discount for a booking/s relative to each separate email. In this way a Promoter can accumulate multiple 5% Referral promo discounts if more of his Contacts make bookings relative to separate email addresses.

8. Information regarding the 5% promo refferal discount is sent to the Promoter’s email automatically as soon as a referred Contact confirms the booking with the name and/or email address of the Promoter inserted in the notification tab.

9. A confirmed booking is the one where at least the prepayment amount has been settled after which a booking confirmation is.

10. The 5% referral promo discount can be combined with other loyalty vouchers on a single booking.

11. The 5% referral promo discount is valid for 12 months starting from the day it was issued/ sent to the email address of the Promoter.

12. A Contact must insert either a full name and surname and/or an email address of the person who recomended Adriagate to them (The Promoter) in the notification tab during the booking process.

13. Contact must insert the Referral Promotional code he received in an email forwarded by the Promoter in the course of the booking process in order to receive a 5% discount at the time of the booking.

14. The Promoter and the Contact must be two different persons.

15. The Contact can receive a 5% discount only as a completely new client having made no prior bookings of the Adriagate service either directly through the Adriagate website or through affiliate or B2b channels.

16. The 5% discount a Contact receives for the booking is deducted from the main price per night of the accommodation not including extra fees for Sojourn tax, or any other fee that does not constitute a main price of the accommodation.

17. A 5% referral promo discount the Promoter receives can not be transferred to a third person.

18. Two different persons can not be Promoters to one another, one can be a Promoter and the other a Contact.

19. In case the booking made by the Contact gets cancelled prior to the scheduled date of arrival the referral promo discount sent to the Promoter is cancelled. If the Contact had multiple units booked through a single email in that case the referral promo discount sent to the Promoter remains valid as long as at least one unit is still active and the 5% discount provided to the Contact is applied to active units.

20. In case the Promoter makes a booking and cancels it prior to the scheduled day of arrival after having made use of the referral promo discount/s then the referral promo discount applied gets cancelled and standard cancellation conditions apply.

21. The Promoter and the Contact can reschedule the booking to a different date or even to next year and still maintain the value of discounts if the owner of the accommodation is in agreement with the change of dates.

22. The Contact gives Adriagate the right to inform the Promoter of a reception of the referral promo discount based on the confirmed booking made by the Contact and to disclose the name of the Contact and the reservation’s confirmed status to the Promoter. All other details regarding the reservation made by the Contact remain confidential.

23. Adriagate reserves the right to change the Referral Terms of Use Policy without prior announcement. In case there are changes to the policy the latest version will be sent to Promoters and Contacts by email and if there are no objections from either party within 72 hours from the day it was sent then this signifies that all parties are in accordance with it.