The Covid 19 pandemic has caught the world by storm in 2020 and the tourism sector was one of the hardest hit branches of economy. The pandemic continues to reshape our way of life on a daily basis,  despite all the challenges each one of us had to face in the course of this difficult year there are still elements of our life that are so deeply connected to our inner being that we simply are not able to deprive ourselves of them if we wish to preserve our general well-being. Traveling, much like the air we breath or the food we eat is an essential component of life deeply embedded into our being.

Traveling must always be possible no matter the circumstances as it is our ultimate expression of freedom. Travel agencies today had to adapt like never before in order to ensure that travelers around the world feel safe so they can enjoy their well-deserved vacation.

Private accommodation as the best vacation choice during the pandemic

Adriagate Travel Agency from Split serves as a prime example of how an agency should act in these extraordinary circumstances. First and foremost a large chunk of traffic Adriagate generates is based on offering private accommodation of all types ranging from apartments, through holiday homes, villas all the way to remote cottages and lighthouses. Private accommodation is in fact the best way to spend a vacation in these pandemic times. Holiday homes, villas, remote cottages or lighthouses all offer complete privacy away from crowds, and are often located in relatively isolated locations with plenty of private outdoors spaces.

Accommodation in accordance with the highest epidemiological standards and regulations

Health and safety come first

Safety and the preservation of health, being a primary concern of many travelers means that the location and the type of accommodation alone, although advantageous, can not completely guaranty that the highest safety and hygiene standards are implemented. The latter is exactly where Adriagate has excelled the most. Immediately following the virus outbreak the agency has contacted all of the hosts they represent in order to come to terms with the emerging crisis and define new rules putting strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.

Cleanliness and sanitation as top priorities

The first major measure introduced refers to the general cleanliness of the apartment. The hosts are required to use gloves and apply approved disinfectants to thoroughly sanitize the so called high-touch surfaces. Furthermore, bed linen, towels and other types of clothing are washed at 90 degrees celsius in accordance rules and regulations.

All accommodation units must contain a first aid kit equipped with a thermometer. Disinfectants and face masks, are available to guests within the accommodation.  When welcoming the guest and conversing with him both the host and the guest should use face masks and maintain social distancing according to the epidemiological measures currently in force.  Adriagate has instructed hosts to continuously follow all security protocols ensuring that the highest safety standards are upheld.

Trusted Partner

Booking an accommodation through Adriagate guarantees that the unit you selected complies with the strictest epidemiological rules and regulations ensuring you spend a carefree holiday in a destination of your choice.

Keep in mind that you should not stop living, the pandemic should not be taken lightly, there are restrictions that have been put in place,  but there is still a way to reclaim your freedom, to travel and to disengage yourself from a constant barrage of negativity, choosing to spend your vacation in Croatia with Adriagate is a crucial step in the right direction.




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