Unique, impressive, mysterious – these are the epithets with which we can briefly describe the protector of the city of Šibenik, the Fortress of St. Nicholas. Like the key that locks and closes the entrance to the Channel of St. Anthony, for centuries it defended the city of Šibenik and the mouth of the river Krka all the way to Skradin, and the fact that the city was never attacked from the sea testifies to how much it impressed its opponents.

This imposing marine guard is an integral part of the Venetian defense system, created between the 15th and 17th centuries, and only in 2017 it enters the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Renaissance Fortress is located on the islet of Ljuljevac at the entrance to the Channel of St. Anthony, and owes its name to the small Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas who was on the islet. The monastery was destroyed in order to make a fortress of the same name according to the project of Giangirola Sanmicheli. Sanmicheli designed a triangular-shaped fortress, rare example of defensive architecture of the time, built of white stone and brick. The uniqueness of the fortress lies in the preservation of its original form and is an example of a classic Venetian building isolated on the sea, and is recognized as an exceptional monument of world architectural heritage.

Fear and trembling of enemies

The construction itself began in 1540 after the fall of the city of Skradin under Turkish rule and was the intervention of the Venetian Republic to protect one of the most important cities on the Adriatic – Šibenik.

One interesting fact is that the fortress never actually fulfilled its active defense function. No military cannon has ever fired at enemies, but the construction itself and its impressive appearance were enough to frighten the enemies and thus protect the city of Šibenik.

Two years after entering the UNESCO World Heritage List, the project of tourist valorization of the Fortress of St. Nicholas, which sought to enable tourist visits to the fortress. Thanks to this project, after a long preparation of the building, the Fortress of St. Nicholas is open to all interested visitors and lovers of special examples of Renaissance architecture. Today, the islet of Ljuljevac can be reached by an excursion boat from the Šibenik promenade.

Prepare your lenses

A visit to the fortress is a unique experience that lasts 2 hours and includes enjoying sailing through the Channel of St. Annthony with the most beautiful view of Šibenik, with expert guides and multimedia guides on tablets that provide location information in eight world languages ​​at specific points, including augmented reality points (AR) and a video game that are equally interesting to all generations.

Autumn is the ideal time to visit this Šibenik beauty under UNESCO protection. The weather is still nice and not too hot to enjoy the boat ride. In addition to learning all about the history of the building and its significance throughout history, get ready for a beautiful panoramic view from the sea of ​​the city of Šibenik, a boat ride through the Channel of St. Anthony, which is part of a landscape full of Mediterranean flora and fauna, where the river Krka meets the sea, and the cliffs of the canal hide several cultural and historical monuments.

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