Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, our lives have changed in many ways and the “new normal” has introduced many novelties into our lives and some new rules that we must abide by to protect our loved ones and others around us. Life must go on with new rules, and in the same way the travel has to as well, by taking place in much safer conditions.

We stick to all recommendations

It is important to keep in mind that following the recommendations of experts is the least we can do to overcome this pandemic as easily as possible, hoping it will soon end and become a thing of the past.

Croatia currently has no restrictions on entry into the country when it comes to passengers from the European Union and the borders are open. However, each county has specific recommendations and restrictions to reduce the possibility of virus transmission. Therefore, it is important that before going to Croatia, you are informed about all restrictions on the website on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board and Also, check the restrictions when returning to your country.

Currently in Croatia, the use of protective masks, hand disinfection and keeping a distance of at least two meters is mandatory indoors. Each catering and accommodation facility as well as shops have disinfectants at the entrance, the rules of conduct and the maximum number of people who can stay in the space at the same time are highlighted.

Masks are not required outdoors, but you must wear them in public transport and taxis as well as at public and cultural events. The pandemic era has shown us more than ever the importance and beauty of nature, especially those secluded places where we can feel safe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And there are many such beautiful places in Croatia.


As many as 93% of guests said they felt safe

In September, we conducted a survey among our guests about their satisfaction with holidays in Croatia, and out of almost 800 respondents, 86% plan to come to Croatia on vacation in 2021. As many as 75% of respondents who could not come to Croatia this summer point to COVID-19 as the main reason for non-attendance and its impact on travel, health risk or restrictions Of the surveyed guests who were in Croatia this summer, most of them stayed in smaller places -56%, followed by the village – 25% and then the larger city – 11%.

The important fact is that as many as 93% of respondents, despite the influence of COVID-19 felt safe in Croatia, and 90% of them expressed their satisfaction with a vacation in Croatia.

Safety comes first

Our property owners ensure to the maximum that the accommodation units are impeccably clean and that all prescribed rules and recommendations are followed. We regularly inform them about all the news and check if they follow the instructions on disinfection and maintenance of accommodation facilities.

At the time of the pandemic, secluded houses are especially attractive, both inland and by the sea. Adriagate agency has a lot of such beautiful houses in its offer, in which you can completely relax in peace, quiet and security. Croatian lighthouses are also ideal facilities for escaping the virus. Surrounded only by the blue of the sea you will feel completely relaxed and safe.

For more information, feel free to contact our customer service, which will give you suggestions for an ideal vacation with complete safety.

We hope that we will soon return to life without limits, that travel will soon be free of all restrictions and rules, and that we will forget today’s conditions and rename them the old abnormal.


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