The concept of loyalty:

How many times have you heard that loyalty pays off? There are different types of loyalty that we must distinguish from. There are loyalties that are inherently embedded into our being from the moment we are born, while others respond to our needs, and when our needs change so do our loyalties. The example of the former would be loyalty to our family while the latter would be a more materially oriented understanding of the concept revolving around being a faithful customer of a certain company that offers services or products that suits your needs best. Loyalty related to material concepts can be volatile so companies must evolve continuously in order not to lose their client base. A Croatian based Adriagate Travel Agency serves as a prime example of how to build a rapport with clients based on loyalty.

Adriagate’s concept of customer retention through loyalty programs.

Adriagate Travel Agency has been offering a comprehensive loyalty program for almost 10 years already and each person who books accommodation directly through the Adriagate Website with a minimum value of 500,00€ can make use of their loyalty voucher for his/her subsequent booking. Their loyalty program is divided into subcategories each one coming with a different set of benefits.

  1. The Basic/Bronze Loyalty Package comes with vouchers ranging from 50-150€. Apart from the gift voucher this package also gives members of the program the chance to participate in a draw by way of which a lucky winner gets to spend a 7 days holiday in Croatia free of charge.
  2. The Silver Loyalty Package is the next category in line, and it refers to clients visiting Croatia through Adriagate for the third time with a minimum combined value of their prior bookings of 1000€. Among numerous other benefits, these clients get more flexible cancellation conditions as well as chances for additional early-bird discounts on some of the best accommodations, and lastly, all clients pertaining to this category get a 10% discount on a complimentary rent a car service should they choose to use it.
  3. The Gold Loyalty Package is the highest loyalty category for guests who previously booked accommodation four or more times through Adriagate with a minimum combined value of 2000€. These clients also get flexible cancellation conditions and a 10% discount for a complimentary rent a car service along with other numerous benefits that you can find explained in more details in the following link Adriagate Loyalty Program.

A program like the above-mentioned one offers constant rewards to clients who repeatedly entrust their holiday organization to the Adriagate team of seasoned professionals. The benefits constantly add up and the members of the program get better worth for the dollar with each new booking.

The Gift Voucher Policy

An essential part of the entire loyalty program of the Adriagate Travel Agency is the gift vouchers, they represent a foundation upon which other benefits and complimentary services are built. The value of a gift voucher depends upon the value of the booking and it can range from 50 to 150€.

A 50€ gift voucher is awarded to clients who booked accommodation with a minimum value of 500€.  A gift voucher of a 100€ is awarded to those with a minimum booking value of 1000€ while a 150€ gift voucher is given to those with a minimum value of 1500€. You can find more information about gift vouchers in the link Adriagate Gift Vouchers.

Why Choose Adriagate?

Having read the above mentioned it should be quite self-explanatory why you should choose Adriagate. If you value your wallet and you are searching for the best value for money then this loyalty program is truly second to none. Being a loyal client of the Adriagate Travel Agency goes far beyond the above stated. Adriagate boasts many other qualities that will make it a true no-brainer to choose this skilled Croatian tour operator with 19 years of proven track record. Think of it like this, Adriagate has no booking fees, it presents real customer reviews, it has the most competitive prices, it has flexible payment models and cancellation options, it has over 10000 accommodation units of all types and last but certainly not least it has the manpower to attend to your every need at all stages of the holiday planning process. Our staff speaks your language and they possess the necessary know-how needed to narrow down the exact type of service you require.


We mentioned that being loyal to a company can be a volatile thing as loyalties change but as with anything in life sometimes there must be exceptions to the rule.  Do not use half measures as choosing to travel to Croatia is only half of a wise decision the other half is choosing Adriagate to guide your hand. Instill your trust in us and simply enjoy vacation knowing that there is still quality and professionalism out there to rely on even in the harshest of times.


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