My experience in a remote cottage or the Robinsonian lifestyle, as it is often referred to, happened a few years ago on the island of Hvar.

My husband, then boyfriend, has a very good friend – Toni, whose family is from Hvar and have a very old family house in a beautiful cove. We couldn’t reach the cove by car, so we took their ship from Vrboska. The ride took about an hour. It was time well spent in even better company.

This old stone house in the cove, just a few feet from the sea, was waiting only for us. As soon as we got out of the boat, we went to the house, left a few things there and hurried up to the beach. Toni brought his fishing kit to provide lunch for us. In just one hour he caught 6 squids and a few fish. Luckily he is a true island person and a connoisseur of the underwater; otherwise we would have been starving… especially because we get unbearably hungry after swimming and sunbathing.

There is a barbecue in front of this beautiful, but somewhat abandoned house, built by the hands of our Toni’s father. We all gathered old wooden sticks lying around the house to lit the fire for out lunch which Toni had just caught from the crystal clear sea. Smell of fire and barbecue food, a glass of homemade wine, good company and old house. The lunch was a true heaven for our palates and just the thought of that day makes me hungry again.

We enjoyed each other’s company for a while after lunch. We talked, laughed and took pleasure in all the great things about that day. We were not afraid of our neighbors’ complaining about reckless behavior, loud laughter or something else. We simply enjoyed good company, sea, sun and nature. I’m sorry it lasted for only a short while, but it was certainly something to remember. I believe it will happen again soon.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of this adventure because at the time I didn’t have my smartphone. Petra (our sea expert’s sister) sent me amazing photos from this cove which speak more than a million words and retell my story perfectly.



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