Rijeka Carnival is an internationally well-known event and an enormous part of the town’s identity. It has a centuries old tradition with Venetian and Austrian influences, as well as some elements of Slavic folklore. This was a perfect foundation for the renewal of carnival tradition in 1982., organized by the Tourist Board of Rijeka.

The manifestation began with only three masked groups and about hundred participants. Over the years it grew into the Rijeka International Carnival, but the international parade is only one part of the main event with over ten thousand participants. International Carnival Parade finishes by burning the „ Pust“ – a symbol of all bad things that happened in last year.

The Carnival starts with the election of the carnival queen and the town key handover.  Carnival groups elect a female representative – Queen, who will be their spokeswoman and will participate in all formal presentations of the Rijeka Carnival. The Mayor hands over the town key to the Carnival Master. In this moment the Carnival takes over the town and it is party time.

Other important events, apart from the International Carnival Parade also take place during this manifestation. Children’s Carnival Parade is an international event for the little ones from all over the world. A “costume “Pariz-Bakar” Rally” organized by “Rijeka” Autoclub is another interesting event, which is actually a parody of the famous “Paris-Dakar” rally. All cars and participants have to be masked.

International Carnival in Rijeka is something worth experiencing. Until next time, take a look at this video of the participants’ diversity and atmosphere:

Courtesy of Mr. Rajko Mrvoš. Thank you for giving us permission to use the video of the  International Carnival Parade finale.


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