If you are visiting Mali Ston, be sure to attend the gastro event “Oyster Festival in Mali Ston”. It takes place in March, around St. Joseph’s Day when oysters are most delicious. They are usually served freshly opened and seasoned with a bit of lemon juice.

This event is held in restaurants in Ston and Mali Ston, so aside from tasting oysters and various dishes made of oysters, you will have the opportunity to savor local wine and enjoy the sounds of Dalmatian songs.

Oyster cultivation in Mali Ston Bay dates back to the Roman times. The first written document about gathering seashells is from 16th century, while documents from the Dubrovnik Republic in 17th century mention organizing seashell cultivation by assigning concessions and privileges. Today seashell cultivation in Mali Ston bay is reduced to only two shell species: oysters (Ostrea edulis) and mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis).


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