Sabunike (Privlaka)

Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)Sabunike (Privlaka)

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Turistmål info Sabunike (Privlaka)

Sabunike is a little quiet attractive tourist destination suitable for families with small children. They are attractive because of the many shallow bays and sandy beaches. If you want to enjoy a holiday with no interruption then settle into one of the small bays on the right side Sabunike, and if you want something contrary to that then the  left Sabunike has a larger beach called "Queen's Beach", located at the foot of a hill which spreads a beautiful view of the beaches, Nin and Velebit. The beach is a playground suitable for athletes and active guests. The town is only 21 km away from Zadar-a major tourist centers where you can search for entertainment and other amenities a big city offers. Nearby is the small town of Nin, which is known for Nin mud used for medicinal purposes.

If you are looking to spend holidays in a quiet and pleasant place, on the sandy beaches with a nice entrance into the sea, select one of the apartments from our offer.

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Sabunike (Privlaka) rekommenderat boende

*priser för juni 2020 baserat på den maximala kapaciteten för en vistelse på minst 7 dagar

Lägenhet - Sabunike (Privlaka) Lägenhet Danica Från 913 SEK
  • Sabunike (Privlaka),
  • Personer: 6-8
  • Gästers betyg: 4,0
  • Senaste reservationen för 15 dagar
Lägenhet - Sabunike (Privlaka) Lägenheter Milka Från 608 SEK
  • Sabunike (Privlaka),
  • Personer: 2-4
  • Gästers betyg: 3,5
  • Senaste reservationen för 10 dagar
Lägenhet - Sabunike (Privlaka) Lägenhet Božidar Från 600 SEK
  • Sabunike (Privlaka),
  • Personer: 2-5
  • Gästers betyg: 4,2
  • Senaste reservationen för 4 timmar
Lägenhet - Sabunike (Privlaka) Lägenheter Kata Från 600 SEK
  • Sabunike (Privlaka),
  • Personer: 4-5
  • Gästers betyg: 4,7
  • Senaste reservationen för 9 dagar

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