Booking a small ship cruise in Croatia is a fantastic way to spend your holiday as it permits you to explore Croatia in an unparalleled way with visits to numerous island with breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters coupled with towns of rich history dating back ti ancient times.

Even though cruising itself is an unforgettable experience it is definitely useful to know some important tips and tricks, this article will delve into that.

Some packing tips

Normally, there are no limitations in terms of luggage size on cruise ships but being efficient in terms of packing definitely helps..

Compression cubes, shampoo and other essential hygiene products, a thermal water flask a good book to read when sunbathing and a good camera (or a cell phone with a quality camera) are a must.

Also, sometimes it can be chilly aboard the ship, so bringing a couple of long sleeve shirts is also a good idea. Bring a couple of different bathing suites as well.

What type of cabin is the best suited to you?

Small cruise ships will have either single, double or triple cabins.

Cabins are fully airconditioned with an ensuite bathroom. Shower, WIFI access, wardrobe, Tv and basic toiletries.

Cabins on deluxe ships often come with safe deposit boxes, and are also equipped with hair dryers. The higher the category of the ship the bigger the cabin will be.

Normally, higher class ships have double or twin beds primarily while lower category ships are predominantly equipped with bunk beds.

Some ships will have all of the three cabin types, but in the majority of cases ships will predominantly consist of double cabins suitable for 2 passengers.

The location of cabins on a cruise ship

Cabins can be located either on main/upper deck or below deck.

Typically, people prefer main or upper deck cabins due to the fact that you will have more sunlight and the windows are bigger, but passengers in these cabins normally feel the sea a bit more, and people pass by the cabin much more often than is the case with lower deck cabins.
When booking a lower deck cabin you will have smaller round windows with less light, and you may hear a bit of engine noise, but the upside of it is that you do not feel the waves as much and normally there are much fewer persons walking by the cabin.

Menu, food and drinks on a cruise ship

Small ship cruises in Croatia offer cruise programs with a half board type of service, whereby you have breakfast and lunch included in the price.

Meals are served in accordance with the current epidemiological standards and guests can pick between fish or meat based courses with vegetables on the side.

As for drinks, coffee, tea and water are available in unlimited quantities on deluxe departures while lower category ships will provide you with a 1-1,5 liters of water per day. Other beverages can be ordered, and the prices are in general some 10% higher than on main land.

The majority of programs include one dinner on the ship in the course of the week, this is normally the captain’s dinner accompanied by live music, all other evenings the ship is docked in a different port giving guests the possibility to explore the location they are in and to dine in of the numerous local restaurants.

What if I have specific dietary requirements?

Specific dietary requirements are not a problem, vegetarian, vegan menus, or any other requirements in terms of any food preferences or intolerances are also taken into consideration and menus are adapted to passengers that request it.

Do note that such dietary requirements must be announced prior to the start of the cruise.

Sunbathing and swimming on a cruise

Swimming and sunbathing is an integral part of all cruise programs.
The captain will choose the best swimming locations in different bays in the course of the cruise.

There are normally 2 swimming stops per day, although this can vary depending on a program you book. The combined swimming stops can last up to around 3 hours per day on average.

All the small cruise ships generally have sun decks, although ships of higher categories will have more spacious sundecks with sun chairs. Ships have ladders that you can use to easily enter and exit the water.