Cruises in Croatia offer much more than just breathtaking views, opportunities to indulge in delicious Croatian gastronomy, exploring its rich cultural heritage and admiring the stunning Croatian coastline dotted with thousands of scattered islands and islets.

Cruising the Croatian coast is way more emotion-based than any other vacation style, so get ready for an endorphin rush as your trusted ally during your small cruise in Croatia. You wonder why is that so? – Because during your cruise vacation you will be exposed to so many positive emotions and stunning sights you won’t be able to stay immune to. Starting with stunning sunsets, enjoying your morning coffee and breathing the fresh summer breeze while the first rays of sun pet your skin, indulging in numerous natural beauties and broadening your horizons by meeting travelers from all over the world.

From LOVE for the SEA, over LOVE for a WOMAN to LOVE for CRUISING in Croatia

They say we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. And how could it possibility escape you once you find your lifetime partner on your travels 🙂

One of our favorite travel stories is, of course, the one about love. And not just the cliche type of love. This is a story about love in all its beautiful colors and shapes. The hero of our story is our dear Andreas from Austria with an unclouded affection for the Adriatic sea and cruising. Back in 1994. he decided to go on a Croatian cruise and board the MS Petrina small cruise ship and join the rest of enthusiastic travelers. Little did he know back then that stepping on board in Rijeka harbor will lead him to eventually finding himself safe in the harbor of love. 🙂

On a small Croatian cruise, he met Petra for the first time. She also loved sailing and did not take them long to realize the love for Croatia and sailing is not the only thing they had in common. One week on the same boat, enjoying the same activities, admiring the same sunsets, indulging in a swim in the same turquoise-blue Adriatic sea were all fostering factors that pampered this brand new love. One week cruise came to an end, but luckily, the love between Andreas and Petra did not stop. This sweet 1994. summer love still sails in the ocean of life and stubbornly defies all life’s storms. Andreas & Petra accompanied by their friends often visit Croatia and enjoy summer cruises that still echo 1994.

Andreas & Petra reliving the summer of 1994.

Andreas & Petra cruised on the shores of Croatia on several occasions so far (1994.,1995., 2006. and 2019.), and every time they get on board, the summer of 1994. becomes reality. And why is that so? – Believe it or not, Petra and Andreas are lucky enough to have an opportunity to sail on the same ship navigated by the same captain – just like back in 1994. You can only imagine what kind of emotion that must be. After 25 years or so, being lucky enough to relive the most important and most overwhelming moment in your life 🙂
It does not surprise the fact the bond between these 3 (Andreas & Petra, captain Frano, and MS Petrina ship) is strong and deep.
The story of the ship is also quite an interesting one. MS Petrina is a sailboat with a rich history. It was built in 1887. in Korčula intended for coal transportation, and ultimately being converted into a cruise ship in 1987.

MS Petrina is definitely a unique gem in the ports of Adriatic partly using the process of handling the ship as they did back in the old days: Dropping and retrieving anchor the same way as they did 100 years ago 🙂 Interiors of the ship are also authentic, yet comfortable. Not to mention the cabin crew still has that a genuine Dalmatian style. No questions asked 🙂

There is always one man in charge, luckily for Adreas & Petra and the rest of the travel community, our man is quite a man. Captain Frano boasts years-long sailing experience and really “owns” the Adriatic sea. Our captain is truly a patient and calm personality guy who can easily navigate through the storms and even to change the course of the cruise when necessary in order to afford its passengers an extra time for desired activities.

Remember when we said the cruising in Croatia is emotion-based? Well, it is hard not to get overwhelmed by certain people that at first look like random passengers, the people you got stuck in the room with.

Sometimes it turns out that precisely those kind of people, people you have zero expectations from, end up surprising you in the most positive way.

They win you over with their generosity, their friendly personality, their adventurous spirits, their lust for the unknown, and ultimately – with their lust for life! 

This narrative is not all about the idea of go sail and meet the love of your life. These things do happen, but we all know true love like this is actually a rare one.  We are more into an idea of:

  • Go cruise Croatia and meet new friends
  • Go cruise Croatia and experience something new
  • Go cruise Croatia and do something for the first time
  • Go cruise Croatia and live a life you will love to remember!

We dare you to allow yourself to get stuck on a boat with complete strangers, and wait to see how those strangers start to impact your life!

Who knows, some might stay there longer than you think 😉



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